Model 1889 Danish Krag Rifle…………………….( f 578 )

Created on September 30th 2016

 A good early Danish Krag-Jorgensen M1889 Full Length Rifle


Full length infantry rifle with the characteristic barrel shroud and side loading magazine.  Serial number 61866  (fully matching on all parts).  Overall length, 52.1/4″.  The round shrouded barrel is 32.7/8″  long and the trigger pull 13.1/2″  to centre.  Chambered in the Danish 8mm rimmed cartridge, the side loading magazine takes five rounds.  Bolt action with spurred cocking piece at rear of bolt.  Additional bolt safety added in 1910 modification and located at rear RHS of action.  Straight stocked with no pistol grip in a European walnut with finger grooves running approximately 7.1/2″ on either side of the fore-end.


The side loaded magazine is accessed by pulling open the half spherical bolt handle which protrudes at the rear of the hatch, on top.  The magazine and follower are contained within the trapdoor and act upon the rounds when closed.  The five rounds are then pushed across under the bolt and up the LH inside of the action.  The stroke of the bolt moves the next round forward until it is picked up and pushed home into the chamber.  The main body of the action was originally blued, now about 60% remains on the surface.  The rest of the rifle, one could be forgiven for believing, had left the production plant in a polished white state, such is the lack of finish on the accessible areas.  Corrosion and wear have accounted for most of the finish on this weapon.


The outside left upper portion of the action is marked as follows; “GEVAERFABRIKEN KJOBENHAVN   1906.  / M.89″  On the left next to that inscription is the serial number “61866.”  This is then repeated on the barrel shroud further forward and then on the side of the rear-sight block in a much smaller font.  This type of Krag is hinged at the front of the magazine cover  and when fully opened, extends to an angle of 90 degrees from the main axis of the rifle.  The rear sights are the early, no-modified type, graduated from 400 to 2000 meters with no windage adjustment.  When the sights are laid-down they present an open battle “V” sight and when “up”  an open “U” sight.  On the top of the barrel shroud between the rear sights and the receiver is a distinct crown over ’07′.  The actual barrel shroud has been somewhat “mauled” by a keen bodger with stillsons causing a small amount of denting.


The Krag bolt has a straight bolt arm that is slightly canted toward the rear of the rifle.  The actual stub of the bolt arm acts as a secondary lug in the locking system of this bolt.  At the front of the bolt body is another single locking lug.  The bolt body is finished in the white, the shroud has been blued, and the cocking piece is in the white too.  The cocking piece shoe  is numbered with the last digits of the serial number as is the bolt shroud. The main exposed portion of the bolt body has the full serial number on its exterior for ease of reading.  The underside of the bolt arm stub has the number “16″ stamped into it – meaning unknown.  There is a small gas escape hole towards the front of the bolt body. This is a final safety measure and will direct primer gasses away from the shooter.  There is a slight degree of light pitting to the external surface of the magazine cover and a tiny amount on the long extractor spring which sits on top of the bolt body.  The action is beautifully smooth and performs perfectly - all functions working correctly.


The shrouded barrel has a combined front sight band and bayonet lug under.  Although a little faint, it is also possible to see the matching serial number in full on the underside of the lug.  There is a stacking swivel on the underside of the front band.  The mid band is held in position by a spring and also carries the front sling swivel.  Attached is a vintage leather sling swivel in good condition, fastened by brass sling studs.  Between the forward two bands, on the underside of the fore-end is a strong impression of the complete serial number, once again matching. On the underside of the rifle the trigger guard is secured by two screws which also hold the action down through the stock – the trigger is smooth.  The butt is protected by a steel butt-plate and the side of the butt is regimentally marked on a small brass disc let into the side of the butt, it reads; “8R / 4195″  The stock is in very good condition and has no splits, it was duffle cut but has been professionally repaired.  The cut was secreted underneath the mid barrel band.  The bore appears a little dirty and the rifling somewhat soft, but it is complete and may well benefit from some use and regular cleaning.


A good military Danish Krag which has survived modifications and remained in its original military set-up.  Found in the United States, freshly nitro-proofed in London in 2016 and ready for exercise.


Ask about  Stock No’  f 578

£ 795.

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