Created on January 4th 2008

I specialise in sourcing and selling fine quality collectible arms and armour. In some cases careful restoration may have to be undertaken, but never at the cost of originality. If a client requires a particular item to enhance a collection I will undertake to find that required item and supply it however big or small. I am only too happy to view individual items or collections to give my clients an idea of current value on the open market or to offer reasonable prices for rapid purchases. Modern range and gallery weapons also supplied.

By Sword & Musket is now a Limited Company

Co’ No’ 10292560

03 Snipers 002

1903 Springer on the Heap 017

 New Shipment 

As buying conditions between the UK and the USA have been so bad for more than a year now it has taken that long to be able to assemble a full shipment of 50 new, interesting and exciting stock items.  At present they are somewhere between fully re-assembled, cleaned and proofed and are disappearing as fast as I can get them ready.  Now is the time to remind me of what your are looking for, before they are all spoken for.  I have Enfields, Mausers, Marlins, Winchesters, Arisakas’, Springfields, Swedes and more.  Get ‘em while their hot !  In short there are not enough hours in the day to get them all ready at once but they will be appearing as I complete them on the site. Keep your eyes open.

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