Restoration of a rough military stock & handguard.

Created on January 27th 2016

Subject:  Very rough Remington 1903 “Modified” US service Rifle:-

Children 2016 040

 Before TLC Stock has raised grain, scratches, dings and dents and mixed finishes on surface.

Restoration 003After some attention given.

The unknown number is still easily readable.

Children 2016 039 Mid-section of the fore-end,

Restoration 001 After

IMG_1178 Before,

IMG_1184Front end, towards muzzle.

Children 2016 042 From the underside,

Restoration 004 You get the idea. . . . .  .

Children 2016 044Restoration 007

Restoration 005Restoration 006

f 517 Remington 1903m 040

 Finished and ready to go.  Please call to discuss any ideas or projects in mind, you may have about restoring the stocks of your particular rifle.


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