Portuguese Model 1904/M39 Mauser-Vergueiro Rifle…….(f 465)

Created on August 17th 2016



 This is one of the Model 1904 Vergueiro’s made for Portugal by Mauser originally chambered in 6.5mm.   In the late thirties they were converted to the more powerful round of 7.92mm ( 8mm Mauser) to conform more closely to the 937-A Short rifle which Portugal was re-arming hereself with.  They were actually rebored and chambered for the new round.  They were also shortened and the fore-end and more importantly the sights were modified.  On careful examination of the side of the rear sight ramp it is fairly easy to see the old markings. These were from the previous caliber, the numerals have been partially ground away to produce the new arc necessary for the trajectory of the 8mm round.  The rear sight being graduated from 200 to 2000 meters.  There is no windage in the rear sight but there is adjustment for zeroing in the front sight, with a marked datumn point.


These Portuguese rifles always seem to have very good dark walnut stocks - as this one demostrates.   There is also a hand guard over the bore which surrounds the rear sight for added protection.  The rifle is 42.3/4″ in overall length. The round blued barrel is 23.3/8″ in length.  The trigger pull being 12.1/2″.  The front sight, as part of the upgrading exercise, ended up with substantial protection in the form of “spread” ears on either side.  The rear facing slope of the front sight block is machine cross-hatched to reduce glare from the bright sun.  The front sight set-up will also accept a muzzle protector and cover much like the K98 fitting.  Underneath the muzzle there is a short cleaning rod which requires at least one other to fully clean the bore.


The serial number of the Mauser is H4252 and is repeated on many components making it a matching example.  It is clearly marked on the root of the straight bolt arm and the receiver.  The last two digits appear on many smaller parts. The stock is also marked with the number indicating a rifle that has remained in one piece for many years.  The bolt is Mauser-like and has a straight operating arm.   The safety is of flag-type and is also numbered correctly.  It is advisable not to try to dissemble these bolts unless you know what you are doing!  Many parts of the rifle are finished in a commercial blue which is original to the rifle and strong in places like the barrel, and trigger guard.  The receiver bridge is a little worn (externally) but has not lost the royal cypher of King Carlos I.  The action wall is marked with the following: “ESPINGARDA PORTUGUEZA 6.5 MOD 1904 /  DEUTSCHE WAFFEN-UND MUNITIONSFABRIKEN BERLIN.”  This is obviously the original markings which were not altered during conversion.


This rifle has two sling swivels, a bayonet fixing lug.  The magazine floor-plate release is a catch within the trigger guard – all matching.  Blueing is generally good all over there is minor edge and cycling wear and the bore is in very good condition.  An interesting and well preserved Mauser which will most likely make a very good shooter.


Stock No’  f 465

£ 425.00

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