M 1867-75 upgraded Swedish Carl Gustafs Rolling Block in .50-70 centerfire

Created on June 6th 2018

A Fine and Early Swedish Rolling Block in .50-70 Govt’


A good early Swedish Rolling Block re-chambered in the U.S. Government calibre of .50-70 C.F.  Yet it bears no Remington address or patent dates.  The original 10,000 purchased by Sweden were sent complete by Remington.  This example is one of the multiple actions that were purchased from Remington yet were unmarked and completed by Carl Gustafs plant.  Based on the large or military rolling block action, with the two large cross pins and Remington style locking plate.   The RHS of the action is marked with the Swedish Crown device over a “C” and the date of “1875.”  The obverse is marked clearly with the serial number “15635″ and two sets of inspectors initials.  The same serial number is repeated upon the LHS barrel flat, at the breech end of the barrel and on the tang of the steel contoured butt-plate.


On the crest of the breech is another “C” with Swedish Crown device over.  There are two more inspectors initials close to that marking.  On the RHS barrel flat are two more sets of initials alongside the chamber. Originally chambered in a metric 12mm rim-fire calibre they were upgraded to 50 cal’ center fire by relining the bores.  The give-away is that the original range markings on the sight have been officially stamped out and relavent markings applied.


This rolling block is fully stocked in a light-shade European hardwood with three bands securing the barrel.  Close to the muzzle, but set back by approximately 4″ is the bayonet mounting lug on the RHS of the barrel.  This would be a sword type bayonet. The Navy and the Artillery used the sword bayonet.  Simple inverted “V” front sight mounted on a block.  Under the barrel is a full length cleaning rod.  The rifle measures 53.1/4″ in overall length.  The round barrel is 37.1/2″ in length. The trigger pull is 13.1/4″ to center.  This rifle is fitted with the later improved butt-stock with a lower comb, which brings the eye more easily into line with the sights.


The tangs are clear of any markings ( the original Remington made rifles are so marked on these areas )  Two sling swivels, the rear fitted to the front of the trigger bow.  Action is mechanically fine, the finish over the metal components is smooth but has lost most colour.  The stock is in fine condition, but one of the best facets of this rifle is the condition of the bore.  Strong, uninterrupted six-grove RH twist rifling in fine condition.  There are minor indications of the mildest corrosion or very light pitting but, nothing that will detract from the performance that this fine old rifle is going to be capable of ( if it were to be used again ).  The bore is really very good and a pleasure to behold !


The LHS of the butt-stock has a unit marking on a brass disk it reads; “A / I. II  K ” over  “No 434″    As far as I can tell, my attempt at decoding this would be the following; “A” = Artillery.  “I” =  Infantry.  “11″ = 11th Regiment.  “K” =  Company K.  Gun number 434.  The plate being attached with twin screws.  All-over a really nice collectible classic worth finding a place for in any Classic Rifle Collection.


£ 925.

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