Mauser M1871B Jägerbüchse Rifle

Created on August 3rd 2017

A good M1871″B” Jagerbusche  Rifle


A rare and interesting varient of the famous Mauser 1871. This German M1871 Mauser Jager Rifle is chambered in the obsolete calibre 11.15 x 60R.  It is a single shot rifle as its big brother was, but with some refinements, requested by the Jager battalions. This particular one was developed before the introduction of the Kropotcheck magazine system.


This example is 48.1/2″ in overall length.  The round barrel starts at the breech end in hexagonal form dropping down into a full round and measures 29″ in length.  The receiver is hexagonal in form above the woodwork with a straight arm Mauser type bolt system. The flag safety had to be developed before the rifle was accepted.  It works almost exactly as the later Mauser system that we all are used to.  Unfortunately, the serial numbers on the rifle are non-matching but, this is a rare rifle to find in this configuration and would certainly make a respectable stop gap in any collection.  The trigger pull length is 13.5/8″ to allow for your field-grey trench coat.


The rear sight is a lift up ladder type with some delicate windage adjustment which looks like it would require some form of bladed instrument to perform.  This particular pattern of sight was requested by the Jagers and is immediately discernible from the standard Infantry Rifle.  The fore-sight is an inverted “V,” mounted on a block with a register mark on the top face.  Loading is achieved through the straight handled bolt.  Removal of the bolt is actioned by backing out the large screw on the bolt guide. Bolt numbers are mixed.


There are multiple markings over the action and hex form.  The main model designation is marked on the rear, LH, 45 degree, outer wall of the action and specifically reads in gothic script; ” B. Mod 71″  A serial number which matches the barrel number “5851 E” is marked at the other end of the same face.  On the obverse of the action are the dates 1871 stamped twice, and three clear Imperial crowned inspectors initials opposite the serial number.  The top flat of the hex form has “OESTERR.WAFFFB.GES”  stamped in to the surface.  The RHS 45 degree slope has 5 imperial inspection stamped letters in a row, all with the Imperial crown above them.  The other 45 degree slope shows the matching serial number, the Imperial Crown over “F.W”, two more inspectors initials and the calibre “11″ clearly marked upon its face.


Polished Walnut full length stock displaying a lack of issue stamps but a fine patina.  Twin sling swivels.  Full length cleaning rod stored under the barrel.   The other most noticeable feature of the Jager rifles is the spur trigger guard which is fitted under the wrist.  Barrel band and end cap with side bayonet lug, the former being numbered to the action and barrel.  Some stock dents and minor scuffs to the stock.  Steel butt-plate and stepped muzzle.  The barrel has a superb plumb /brown patina.


This M1871 B would make a fine addition to any serious early military rifle collection that wanted to cover the long and drawn-out war between the early super powers of Europe.

£ 1400.

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