Snider-Enfield Mk II* Long Rifle

Created on September 23rd 2017

A good clean example of the MkII* Snider Enfield 3 Band Rifle


This rifle is a conversion from the original muzzle-loading 3-bands; not an upgrade of an earlier conversion.  Chambered in the .577 cartridge with a three grove RH twist bore showing standard shallow Enfield rifling.  Overall the rifle is 54.1/4″ long.  The round barrel is 36.1/2″ long  and the pull length is 13″.  The barrel is secured by three iron bands the front one carrying the forward sling swivel.  The rear swivel is attached to the brass trigger guard.  All the furniture on the stock is brass and the butt-plate tang is rack marked with; “83/228″


This rifle carries a clear clue to its early deployment, in that the LHS of the butt shows the clear cartouche of  “D.C.”  within a diamond-shaped box, denoting Dominion of Canada. The other side of the butt is also marked with the “R.M.” roundel of RSAF Enfield.  The flat lock-plate displays a perfect “V.R.” royal cypher behind the flat-faced hammer.  In front of the hammer is the date “1859 / ENFIELD”  with a War Department acceptance stamp (Crown / inverted Crows foot)  and a small “14″ just in front of that.  All the markings are extremely clear and the lock retains some colour.  The lock fixing screws are both crows-foot marked and the heads set into brass cups.  The action works perfectly and releases with just the right amount of pressure on the trigger.  It is a two-position lock and easily holds on half cock.  During restoration, the high standard of the locks internals were noted, with NO perceptible wear.  Also observed were many fine Enfield stampings.  The inside of the stock is perfectly “let out” to allow clearance for the different component parts of the lock. Within,  this particular stock almost looks like it was recently produced, as opposed to being completed some One Hundred and Fifty-eight years ago!


The outside of the barrel has a pleasing plum/brown patina to it, as do the bands.  The lock and hammer retain some colour, the later being cross-hatched on the spur, to aid grip with the thumb.  The breech block and locking mechanism work well pulling to the rear to eject.  The spring within the hinge allows the ejector and block to return quickly forward after use.  The top of the block being clearly marked with “WD” and Enfield inspection stamps.  The rifles’ serial number ” 3528″ is visible on the blocks’ rear face.  The inside of the breech is clean, as is the bore.  The external upper portion of the breech, where the barrel screws in, is marked with the model designation; “II  over  a single star.”  On the LHS of the same are three clear proof markings,  “VR and crossed flags over P.  Crows foot over WD.  Crown/ E/ 42.”  There are similar markings on the barrel.


The rear sight is a ladder type with matching serial number on the reverse, all in good working order.  Front sight is a block with inverted “V”, the block acting as fixing lug for a standard socket bayonet.  Cleaning rod channel is empty.  This rifle is in very fine clean condition.  It has been thoroughly and professionally cleaned, everything functions correctly.  The stock shows all the signs of a military life but not a hard one.  There is a professional repair at the toe which is barely perceptible to the touch.  Otherwise, the wood to metal fit is excellent all over.  At the tip of the fore-end, between the brass cap and the forward sling swivel on the RHS are the initials “H R (or N ?)”


This is an excellent example of the Snider that was converted from a muzzle-loader and then sent to Canada.  Everything works correctly and it is sold as a section 58(ii) item and thus does not require a license to own.  A fine and collectible early military rifle from a tumultuous time.


£ 1350.

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