.22 Deutches Sportsmodell K98 Trainer………..SOLD

Created on September 29th 2013

1939 K98 Trainer in .22 LR

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 002

These guns were specifically produced before the Second World War to get around the stipulations of the Versailles Treaty which prohibited the Germans from arming their country for war again.  This neat little trainer, so called the “Deutches Sportsmodell”-  so not to draw unwanted attention from the authorities, was designed to closely mimic the K98 rifle which was to equip the German forces.  Externally and at first glance it could be a K98 but on closer inspection the differences become apparent.  The most noticeable difference being the fact that the weapon is single shot and a .22.  Otherwise, it is almost a straight copy of its bigger sibling.

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 003Mauser Trainer restored Cam 010

The stock and size of the rifle are the same as the K.  The weight is very similar.  The sights and the bolt mechanism give a very good impression of the real thing.  All in all its a K in small boots.  To a young trainee soldier this was as close as the real thing as they could possibly expect until, they got their hands on the real thing.  Even the strap arrangement was a copy of the real thing, so they could get used to carrying the real thing, in weight and the way it would be slung.  Various youth groups were also equipped with this model to start training early.  The letters stamped into the stock my be a hint to which organisation was issued with this particular rifle.

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 018Mauser Trainer restored Cam 008

This rifle carries the number 32037 on the barrel, the action and the bolt stem.  It is 43.3/4″ in overall length.  The round blued barrel is 25.3/4″ long.  The rigger “pull” length exactly 13″.  The components are all blued with the exception the thick steel butt plate.  The stem of the bolt has lost its blue gradually and the bolt handle has turned grey/brown with use.  The bolt stripping disk has also turned the same with wear.  It has to be pointed out that it is my belief that this rifle has been refinished because of the wear of the markings such as the serial number.

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 017Mauser Trainer restored Cam 015

The stock and hand-guard are of solid walnut (easily available before the war) and are in fine condition, with a very fine finish.  In the right light a tiger stripe shows in then grain on the underside of the butt stock.  Fitted to the stock are a facsimile of its big brother furniture.  As mentioned before, a thick steel butt-plate, a reduced “bore” bolt stripping disk.  It is slotted and let away for the conventional side mounted leather carrying strap, and has the side mounted forward sling attachment.  Clearly marked on the side of the stock is the date “1939″ and the letters “RJF OBEMF” and on the other side the “RJF” is repeated – meaning unknown”.   The trigger-guard is a flat thick steel copy of the bigger thing. The two front “bands” are held in position by cross-pins as opposed to the sprung option and there is an imitation screw-in cleaning rod.  Most noticeably there is no attempt at mimicking the bayonet fitting.  This is peculiar to this rifle as it was passed-off as a “Sporter”.

The bolt mechanism is a scaled down copy of the conventional Mauser bolt system with flag-safety at the rear and cocks on closing.  The bolt handle is “turned-down” and the bolt removed with the normal bolt release catch at the rear LHS of the action.

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 019Mauser Trainer restored Cam 025

The action is marked with the makers name on the LHS top side; “MAUSER – WERKE   A.G.OBERNDORF  A.N.”  On the top of the breech is the remains (refinishing) of the plain “MAUSER” banner and the the side the serial number and civilian “B.U.G.” proof marks.  Forward of this, on the barrel this is repeated, although faint.  Also apparent, on top of the action there is a brown discoloration which hints strongly, along with the two vacant threaded holes to the presence of some kind of possibly folded steel scope mount.  Alongside the woodwork and between the bolt handle and loading port is the model designation in splendid Gothic script;  ”Deutches Sportmodell”.

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 012Mauser Trainer restored Cam 024

The rear sight and fore sight is almost an exact copy of the K98 system, as is the fore sight hood.  The sights are graduated from 5  to 200 meters and adjust in the same manner as the K, in that they have a hatched side button to be pressed allowing movement.  The hooded front sight is mounted on a hatched ramp – to reduce glare.  There is a brown leather sling which could be a reproduction.  The leather catch which stops the sling slipping back through the slot in the stock is original and stamped with the maker name and the date 1939.

Mauser Trainer restored Cam 029

Altogether this is a really good example of a type of  Wehrmacht training rifle.  Thea action is smooth and functions flawlessly, the bore is excellent with sharp lands and no corrosion.  The rifle is very accurate, – what more could you want…

Stock No’  f  350

£ 875.   SOLD

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