Percussion Boxlock Pistol By Twigg

Created on June 16th 2010

Single shot Percussion Pocket Pistol By Twigg

istl Collection 001

Overall length approx’ 7.3/4″ Barrel length 3.1/4″ Approx’ .45 caliberistl Collection 009

Slab sided Walnut butt in good condition. Boxlock mechanism with sliding trigger guard safety. Trigger repaired.

istl Collection 002    istl Collection 005

Left side of action engraved “TWIGG” the other “LONDON”

istl Collection 008

London proofs under breech. Turn-off cannon barrel frozen in position. Upper tang engraved. No finish remaining - Pistol in the white but showing little corrosion. Mechanisium in good working order.

istl Collection 006




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