Imperial German N.C.O.Sword

Created on November 10th 2014

An unusual engraved Imperial German N.C.O.’s SwordSwords Nov 2014 013

A very good Imperial period N.C.O’s German sword with steel plated scabbard.  The blade is 29.1/2″ long with a single edge and fuller.  Two thirds of the fuller are engraved with floral patterns and stands of arms. Unusual for an N.C.O’s sword.  Condition of the blade is very good with very little, if any corrosion, and it is still bright.  It does not show signs of polishing and as the engraving is so good the finish looks to be all original.

Swords Nov 2014 014Swords Nov 2014 016

The Sword has a dove’s head pommel with a D-shaped guard ending in a curved quillion.  Finish of the guard, back-strap and pommel is brass, showing some copper wash on the inside of the guard, which was part of the process of the gold plate on top.  There is no gold left on the sword except for underneath the red felt washer around the ricasso.  Fish skin covered grip with wire binding.  On very careful inspection behind one of the langets the forte is stamped with the makers initials and kings head motif for Weyersberg, Schnitzler and Kirschbaum of Solingen Germany.  The scabbard has two dents along its length. circa 1920

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£ 365.

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