Ross – London WW2 3.1/2″ Binocular Sight

Created on February 26th 2016


Something, a little out of the Ordinary..

In their original wooden Pine box “WD” marked A fine pair of Ross Binoculars for the Naval 3.1/2″ Gun

Ross 003

This sight appears to be unused.  There is the slightest evidence that it was attached by its mounting screws to something.  If it was, it was not for very long as there is little eveidence of any usage or damage to the exterior.  The serial number marked upon the top has been repeatedly marked on the box as well.  It appears on the top of the back of the box, between the hinges in pencil.  It is also repeated on the end of the box in both pencil and marker pen.  No other number has been noted on the box.  The box is fitted to only take this kind of sight.


Externally the box measures 14.3/8″ x 9.1/2″x 8″ It is constructed entirely of Pihrana Pine – all being finished at 5/8″ thickness. The surfaces of the bearing pieces are topped with a green baize to protect the sight against damage.  In the lid there is a plate with four threaded holes to take the mounting bolts.  All four are in position. The sight lays in position with the eye-pieces towards the left, from the front of the box.  All the hinges and other fittings are of brass.  The lock has a single steel key and functions well.  The lid of the box being marked in back paint as follows:- “BINOCULAR SIGHT  / PATT.  G372.  /  ROSS.  LONDON”


The sight itself is marked on the main top surface as follows; “ROSS / LONDON (logo) /  x 3.1/2  /  BINOCULAR GUNSIGHT  / PATT. G.372  /  No 120086″  To the left are the letters “NLP 43″ under the broard arrow mark and to the right of the central marking “W A/T”.  Behind those markings is the adjustment wheel for the angle the eye-pieces are set at.  This ranges from 58 to 70 degrees and is indicated by a scale and a datum point readable from the rear of the instrument.  Adjustment through the wheel is free and moves easily. Towards the rear of the binos’ there are in total three chained caps.


Graduations on both eye-pieces, with individual adjustment ranging from plus to minus four on each side are set behind the rubber cover.  The instrument is still equipped with what appears to be the original rubber eye-piece which although completely intact, seem to have lost their smooth black surface coating.


At the object end of these fine binoculars, is a large flat plate which contains two seperate filters which can be slid over if required.  To move them into position individual sliders protrude from a slot in the top of the front plate. The filters are fully intact and move easily into position.  On the front surface of the flat plate is once again the makers logo, “ROSS / LONDON and the units’ serial number “No 120086″


On the underside are the four mounting holes and a machiened slide to help locate the unit.  The green cracklure finish has only suffered the slightest edge chipping and seems devoid of the usual dirt or grime which tends to adorne well used instruments.  One might be forgiven for beleiving this was unissued.  The optics are very good with a clear targeting device visible.
All you need now is your Naval 3.1/2″ gun to go with it !!


This unit is in fine conditon and would easily grace any collection it was added to.  Not many of these Binoculars are seen in this type of unmollested condition.

£ 825.

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