Winchester P14 with Winchester A5, WW1 Sniper Config’…SOLD

Created on June 5th 2010

The famous P14 in WW1 Sniper configuration with a Winchester A5 Scope

Johns guns 009

Built as part of the American Aid effort to Britian during World War One when the board of Ordenance  realised that Enfield could not meet he demand for rifles from the Army. 

Full length Walnut stock with butt ID disk and 1/2″ wood extention. Stock itself in excellent condition with very few dings or dents and in its original finish. Serial number W16662, “W” for Winchester. Produced between 1915 and 1917.

Johns guns 011  Johns guns 012

Matching serial numbers. Original .303 British caliber, bolt action, 5 shot internal magazine, based on the mauser action, 70 percent original blueing  remaining. Original rear iron sights still in position but rifle lacks volley sights.

Johns guns 016  Johns guns 018

Good working order and good all round shooting condition, with rifling showing wear consumate with its age and use.

Johns guns 015

Correctly fitted Winchester A5 1905 telescopic sight as fitted to WW1 era rifles. Optics and adjustments in good order. Horizontal and pointer graticule with sprung external gimal zeroing adjustment in good working condition.


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