Antique U.S. Model 1822/28 Contract Flintlock Musket…SOLD

Created on January 20th 2018

A Fine example of one of the last produced US Flintlock Muskets by M.T.Wickham of Philadelphia


Flintlock Muskets were still being produced by this time even though the Percussion system was well on its way into development.  The US armouries were well stocked with flintlocks just as this one but orders for replenishment were still trickling down from the Ordnance Department.  These orders were being filled by contractors such as Starr, Waters, Remington and Derringer, or, as in this example Marine T. Wickham.  This musket on offer here was one of the last batches to be produced as Wickham was on its fourth major contract.  Not only was M.T.Wickham a producer and master armourer he also acted as inspector for the Ordnance Department.


Produced in and according to specifications handed down to contractors by the U.S. Ordnance Department.  This musket measures 56.1/2″ in overall length.  The round steel barrel is 41″ long and the Pull length is 13.1/2″  Flat profile banana-shaped lock with Flint-lock mechanism mounted on the external surface.  Steel cock and frizzen with brass flash-pan in the french style.  Main spring mounted externally – in good working order.  The Americans took most of their build techniques from the French and the idea with the brass flash-pan was that after a certain amount of use and inevitable corrosion, it could be replaced just by the removal of one screw.  The lock plate is 6.1/2″ from end to end with the rear surface being more curved in section.    The markings on the lockplate are as follows; in two vertical lines “PHILA  / 1835.”  Between the Cocking piece and the pan in a curve; “US / M.T.WICKHAM.”   Wickham only made these muskets for one more year.


The Lock and its components are in fine condition showing an even plumb brown patina.  The official finish for this pattern of musket is “Browned“.  The cock and mainspring operate on a two stage position.  Two piece trigger guard with smooth trigger.  There is a round swelling in the front upright of the trigger bow  which, on close inspection shows the original swing swivel screw now filed flat.   The steel butt-plate has a clear US stamped into the tang.  There is a single mid barrel band which used to take the forward sling swivel and held in position by sprung catches which close behind the band as it is pushed rearward,  The front band incorporates a (worn) brass foresight and opening to take the cleaning rod,  The bayonet attachment lug is forward of this noseband at twelve o’clock on the muzzle.  Full length cleaning rod stored under barrel.  Steel side-plate affixed to opposite side from lockplate by two main screws.


The tang at the rear of the breech is marked with the date of 1835.  The breech end of the barrel also carries clear inspection marks as follows; ” U.S. / T.W. / P”  The last being within a star-shaped surround.  The TW stands for Thomas Warner who in December of 1835 spent 26 days inspecting muskets at Marine T. Wickham in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (It is unusual to be able to pin down exactly when arms as old as this were actually made – this is an exception!)  Wickham supplied the Pennsylvania State Milita between 1832 and 1880.  So it is possible that this was the purpose that this actual musket was put to.


The musket is in fine overall condition.  The stock is good and not split or repaired and all the steel components carry the correct colouring and a minimal amount of corrosion.  For a musket of such advanced years this example has survived extremely well.  It is in good working order – although not tested or proof to modern standards.  This would make a fine early addition to any military collection or a grand wall hanger.  This is a rare thing to find this side of the pond as Sword & Musket imported it only a year or so ago.


£ 1675….SOLD

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