No4 Mk1* Enfield by Long Branch c.1950………..SOLD

Created on January 18th 2013

An Excellent No 4 Mk 1 * by Long Branch

This rifle really is in wonderful condition, all matching parts number wise and manufacturer wise with an excellent bore – ‘a sleeper

Chambered in .303 with a ten shot detachable magazine.  Wood work, all Walnut with grey metal butt-plate.  The cleaning trap marked with the Canadian acceptance mark of broad arrow within a large “C”.  Oiler & Pull-through within.

This is the number 4 * which is mainly distinguishable by the slot in the action wall just level with the charger bridge, for the purpose of removal of the bolt.  To remove the bolt one has to open the bolt and let it drop back.  Next, take up the pressure whilst pushing it forward until the bolt head is level with the slot in the action wall, where it will be possible to lift/rotate the head upwards and out of the retaining grove.  The whole bolt assembly can then be withdrawn from the action.  Also, the rear sight does not have to be lifted as it has been modified to allow with-drawl of the bolt without doing so.


The serial of this fine number 4 is 93L8293  ( Long Branch in Canada always included an L in their serial numbers)  The serial number is seen on the LHS wrist – clearly stamped.  The outer LHS of the action is also clearly stamped as follows; “C No 4 Mk 1* / LONG BRANCH / 1950″ Towards the rear of the action on the same side are current Italian Proof Marks.  Two similar marks are found next to the muzzle.

The bolt handle is clearly marked with the matching serial number  and on the same surface towards the stem of the handle is a clear “LB” stamp once again for Long Branch.  On the bolt head is a clear Canadian acceptance mark of the arrow head within a “C”.  The bolt head is the only part on the entire rifle which shows any signs of usage where the finish has worn from contact with the hand of the user.  The bolt is fitted with the correct rectangular cocking piece.  The bolt head is marked with the same Arrow within a “C” and the crossed pennants  with “D, C, P” which are proof marks from Canada. The rifle has the correct Long Branch safety stamped accordingly.  It is also fitted with the correct later Mk 3 pressed steel and slide rear sight graduated from 200 to 1300 yards and marked “CMK3.”


Long Branch used a two piece hand-guard riveted to the walnut woodwork by brass rivets.  The for-end of the rifle has the serial number nicely stamped towards the front along with the “A” within a capital “C” – another Long Branch production mark.  The metal fitments on the stock are the correct later stamped metal type.  Affixed to the two sling swivels is a fine light tan canvass sling which is marked  in black ink  ”HUGH CARSON Co LTD”   The canvas of the sling matches the canvas of the bayonet frog.


The rifle includes a later pattern “Pig Sticker” spike bayonet in scabbard.  The bayonet is marked “No4 MkII.”

I can not fault this rifle – it is in very good condition.  The matching walnut woodwork is in nice but used condition with minor scuffs and marks, non of which are unduly worrying.  This will be a very usable piece for a serious military rifle collection.

Stock number  f 313


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