1916 WW1 Gew’98 by Mauser, Oberndorf …….SOLD

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A G’98 Mauser from the WW1 Period

GEW 98 f393 001

This is the standard Infantry Gewehr Rifle as supplied to the German Army by Mauser from 1898 onwards.  Consequently, it was the standard issue of the German forces all through the First World War.  Chambered in 7.92mm (8mm) is has a full length barrel of 29.1/4″ and is 49″ in overall length.  Full length standard military stock with short hand-guard over the barrel.

GEW 98 f393 003

The G98 has a straight handled bolt with a five shot internal magazine beneath the action.  The Mauser bolt system has a flag safety to the rear of the bolt and the ability to clip load via two guides in the action bridge to the rear.  To remove the bolt, there is a bolt release catch to the rear LHS of the action.  These actions are particularly strong as the bolts have three locking lugs on them, two at the front, one to the rear.  The ejector spring lays down the side of the bolt body.  To operate the action it is best to be firm, the rifle does not respond well to being used too gently.

GEW 98 f393 008GEW 98 f393 021

The breech is marked as follows; “WAFFENFABRIK / MAUSER / OBERNDORF  A/F / 1916.”   On either side of the breech there are Imperial German proof marks and some flat spots on the surface possibly due to a hard life.  On the LHS of the same is the serial number; “5825 c“, which is repeated just forward on the barrel.  On the top of the barrel,  just behind the rear sight is a clear “S” denoting for use with the Spitzer bullet.  The finish is dark with a strong plumb brown  hue to it.  What bluing remains, is best, on the forward exposed portions of the barrel.  The bolt looks to have originally in the white but now is turning in part, the same colour as the action.  The bolt is numbered to another rifle, however, this rifle was proofed with this bolt.

GEW 98 f393 006GEW 98 f393 007GEW 98 f393 032

The trigger guard serial number is matching but the magazine base plate is not, although all the finish and colouring matches.  The stock has the bolt strip down disk through it and a steel butt-plate numbered to another rifle.  The sliding rear sights match in number to the action and barrel.   The forward barrel band has a matching number as does the nose band, with stacking hook and bayonet lug.

GEW 98 f393 039GEW 98 f393 023GEW 98 f393 029GEW 98 f393 020

The stock is a pleasing colour and has a good even patina to it although, it looks to have been filled in places where damage has been more serious.  Of course, this maybe battle damage, it is impossible to say.  There are finger grooves in the fore-end and a single stock reinforcement bolt.  There are cartouches on the stock, but it is very difficult to decipher them.   The bore shows strong rifling but is a little grey.  The classic WW1 German sling swivel is in place behind the semi-pistol grip. the rifle comes with its short cleaning rod stored in the bayonet lug.

GEW 98 f393 016

For their condition and age these rifles often pull off impressive accuracy and are a pleasure to shoot – this one looks to be no exception to the rule.

GEW 98 f393 026

Stock No’  f 393

£ 855……SOLD

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