1939 J.P.SAUER & SOHN K98 Mauser…..SOLD

Created on June 11th 2014

An interesting German  K98 Rifle by J.P.Sauer and Son.f 384  Styer K98 001

This rifle typically has been separated from its original bolt.  It became the “norm” on surrender to put (chuck) rifles in one pile and bolts in another.  Serial number “4631 k” appears on many components .  It is clearly displayed on the following;  the flat steel butt-plate, the receiver, the barrel,  the barrel bands, bayonet cap, the magazine floor plate, the bolt release, and the trigger guard assembly.  So until you add the bolt this rifle presents itself as a matching example of a rifle made by an excellent world war two manufacturer.

f 384  Styer K98 013f 384  Styer K98 014f 384  Styer K98 024

The bolt then has a different number,  ”3474 i”   The bolt handle (turned down) stem, the shroud, the safety, the cocking piece and the extractor spring bear this number.    Otherwise there are waffenamts on all components.  The top of the receiver is marked as follows: ” 147 / 1939″ .  The first number is the code used by J.P.Sauer & Son in 1939.  The LHS  is marked with a fine Nazi eagle and the  serial number.  The RHS is marked in a straight line with three waffenamts, the first with a “359″ under then the second & third with “87″  These numbered waffenamts are acceptance stamps from various inspectors involved in the production of the rifles.

f 384  Styer K98 004f 384  Styer K98 007

The barrel shows the serial number again and a small “37″ waffenamt on its side.  The action side wall is simply marked “Mod 98″.  The bolt release catch on the same side shows another “37″ marking.  The trigger guard assembly and floor plate of the  5-shot internal magazine are serial numbered and carry the 37 stamp.  The bolt shroud and the safety  are marked with a “625″ waffenamt.  This then smacks of a pure German produced genuine K98 although mixed numbers the build quality is asured.  Both the main screws that hold the action to the stock are marked with a very small waffenamt and the last two numbers of the serial number “31″.  The standard rear sights, (both the scale and the sliding ladder part) which are graduated to 2000 meters, are also numbered to the rifle.

f 384  Styer K98 006f 384  Styer K98 009

As standard the rifle is chambered in 7.92 x 57mm  otherwise known as 8mm Mauser.  The bore is in very very good condition.  It is bright, clean and sharp, with deep grooves.  This could be a very accurate “shooter.”  Action is superbly smooth and cycles perfectly.  The rifle is stocked in one of the later laminated timber stocks with a flat steel butt-plate.  Overall the rifle measures 43.1/2″.  The barrel is 23.1/2″ in length or exactly 600mm.  The trigger pull length is 13″.

f 384  Styer K98 017f 384  Styer K98 022

Bearing in mind these rifles have been sourced from the USA it is reasonable to assume that they are G.I. bring backs.  Condition is very good, all the bluing seems to be the original, there is no “touching in” or rebluing, The stock is in great condition with the standard “H” army marks and two other approximately 12mm high waffenamts numbered “WaA37″, but it is probable that this is a replacement stock.

f 384  Styer K98 011      f 384  Styer K98 018

An observation: Carved into the top of the wrist, just behind the back of the action, are the initials “B.H.W.”  These have been repeated on the receiver, and more clearly on the barrel!  However he has run out of time as the “W” is absent.  The artist has tried to lay the letters over each other, as if designing a family crest.   It does “link” the stock and the action.   A bored soldier passing the time?

f 384  Styer K98 012

A Classic rifle which is London proofed and ready to be exercised again.  A rifle which its new owner will be proud of again.

Stock No’ f 384

£ 750.  SOLD

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