ERMA built K98k WW 2 Rifle………….SOLD

Created on June 3rd 2013

An intriguing example of the K98 Rifle built in 1940 with matching manufacturers marks

MauserK98 in Rubble 002

An unusual example of the German World War Two K98 Rifle,  99.9% of the waffenamts (Eagle stamp with a number underneath) on this rifle are from the same manufacturing plant namely, Erfurter Maschinefabrik (ERMA) but the serial numbers on the components do not actually match.  It is known that ERMA only made bolt action rifles for approximately two years, so numbers are limited.

MauserK98 in Rubble 008MauserK98 in Rubble 006

The rifle is built on standard specifications in 7.92mm caliber.  It is 43.1/2″ in overall length.  The round blued barrel is 23.1/2″ long.  The action is a standard Mauser bolt action with a bent down bolt and a 5-shot internal magazine.  Most of the finish is of the blued type with the exception of the bolt handle and body which is grey. Standard flag safety system at rear of bolt.

MauserK98 in Rubble 012MauserK98 in Rubble 018

The top of the receiver is marked with the large “27″ which indicates that it is ERMA built, and the date below that, which is 1940.  The action wall is marked “Mod. 98″ in Gothic letters which is the model designation.  It has the standard 4-digit serial number which is 9797, this is repeated on the barrel.  All the Armed Forces Inspection stamps on the receiver are “280″ German Weimar-eagles (ERMA).  The three firing proof stamps on the barrel match.  The “280″ stamps are repeated all over the rifle on various parts.

MauserK98 in Rubble 027MauserK98 in Rubble 030

The stock is the solid walnut type used in the early war years and that also has many inspection and acceptance stamps on it.  On the RHS of the butt is a large eagle over a large “H” stamp, which stands for Heer (Army)  Beneath that are two more Weimar Eagles. The strip-down disk is stamped on both sides.  There is a non-matching serial number on the underside of the stock along with more inspection stamps.  The rifle has a flat steel butt-plate with another number on it and yet again, another “280″ stamp.  The stock is cut for the German side mounted type leather sling.  The genuine war time era sling is attached.  It has a steel buckle which slides for adjustment and is marked “L & F”.  Where the sling goes through the stock and is secured by a final leather fitment, it is possible to just read  some letters stamped on the back which appear to be  ”W. _C.P. /40.”  The sling itself is in very good order and would be usable.  The stock has the usual amount of dents and dings that one would expect for a rifle such as this.

MauserK98 in Rubble 016

The barrel band and sling mount is marked “280″ as is the “H-pattern” for-end band.  There is a cleaning rod and bayonet fitting which takes the knife bayonet shown (not for sale)  the rear sights are graduated to 2000 meters.  The bore on this rifle is in splendid condition, bright and without pitting or frosting, with strong rifling.  The rifle is British proofed and ready to be exercised again in a more peaceful manner.  The matching manufacturers codes are unusual and there is no explanation for this, one just has to wonder what has happened in this case.

MauserK98 in Rubble 034

Stock No’  f 342



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