K98 Mauser Rifle………….f 564 SOLD

Created on January 5th 2017

A good German K98 1944 dated rifle


Standard K98 Mauser rifle in 7.92mm. Internal 5-shot magazine in the normal Mauser maner.  Sturdy and reliable Mauser bolt system with a flag safety to the rear. The serial number marked upon the LHS of the action’s receiver is “15659 l” impressed beside this is a the clear eagle and swastika of the Third Reich.  There is another marked just forward on the same side, on the first section of the barrel.  The action sidewall is clearly marked “Mod. 98″ once again on the LHS.  Interestingly, all of these byf mausers made in 1944 should have the “l”  suffix.


The highest portion of the receiver ring is marked with manufacturers code and the date of production. “byf” was the code for Mauser Werke AG, Oberndorf  a/N.  The date is simply marked as “44″. For that period the rifle is stocked in a laminated stock, but has the early flat butt-plate.  The stock also has the strip down disc in the butt and provision for a sling.   The stock is not stained and is oil-finished.  Both the front bands are the milled type and the bayonet lug and cleaning rod are both in position.  The front sight is correctly “hooded”.  The rear sight is correctly NOT numbered to the rifle.  It is graduated from 100 to 2000 meters.  There is a solitary “K” on the leaf spring underneath the elevator.


The complete bolt assembly is numbered to another rifle which indicates a strong possibility that it was taken in the field.  Standard procedure is known to be the separation of bolt from rifle as rifles were thrown into one massive pile and the bolts into another, thereby rendering them useless in the short term.  The bolt which has been fitted and proofed with this rifle is numbered “1808″ on all of its major parts.  (It is becoming more and more difficult to find genuine German matching numbered Mausers as the years go by.)  In this case, By Sword & Musket Ltd has made the next most important factor in purchasing criteria, the bore. Its gotta shoot straight!


The main redeeming feature of this particular rifle is the condition of the bore.  It really is above the normal standard found on these rifles.  It has a four grove RH twist bore which is devoid of corrosion, misting or pitting.  Strong rifling and no other defects.  Having been freshly head-spaced with this bolt, this K98 should turn out to be a very good original shooter.  Finish is strong almost all over with the exception of the out side of the barrel under the rear sights.  The front bands are also starting to lose their colour.  The trigger guard and magazine base plate are unmarked but also slightly grey/brown in colour.  The lock screws to the trigger guard assembly are currently not in position.


Other marks noted on this K98 include a “byf” shield,  the numbers “4 4 0 8″ on the visible portion of the barrel and various other waffenamts.  The correct knife-type bayonet is available at extra cost – photographed for illustration purposes only.  The rifle measures 43.1/2″ in overall length.  The barrel is 23.1/2″ long and the trigger pull is 13″ to center.


A rifle that is becoming more and more rare despite the total production numbers, and worth getting hold of before all available stocks are finally used up.


Ask for  Stock No’  f 564

£ 850.  SOLD

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