K98 Mauser WW II Wehrmacht Service Rifle…..(f 527)…SOLD

Created on January 6th 2016

Late War K98 Rifle by “dou” (BRNO)

Finns & K98 020

In standard late war stamped and welded fittings, with laminated stock.  Chambered in the German 7.92mm, (8mm Mauser) with an internal 5-shot magazine and Mauser bolt system with Flag safety.   Serial number on the barrel shank is “100 ee.”   The bolt is non-matching.  The double letter suffix is correct for this model, location of original build and time frame.  Strangely, and rather interestingly, to date this is one of the lowest numbers observed. The closest being in the 3300 range.  Could this be a prototype or developmental rifle?  The rear sight and the rear sight mount also seem to share the number and are marked “00″.  If only the bolt did, but it bears as completely different number in its entirety and smacks of the usual surrender procedure where rifles were placed in one pile and bolts in another.

Finns & K98 031Finns & K98 032

The receiver is marked as follows, from the top : ” waffenamt  / dou. / 44″  The “dou” is the makers code for the Waffenwerke Brunn, Bystrica, Czechoslovakia.  The “44″ in this case is the date of manufacture.   The action outer wall is plainly marked  ”Mod 98″. The LHS of the barrel is marked with the serial number ” 100 ee” and a clear waffenamt.   Upon the top RH quadrant of the exposed barrel shank is the barrel makers code; “G.G” plus two more small inspectors stamps.  It is by no means proven at this moment but, the author can only guess that this may stand for “Gustav Genschow & Co AG, Berlin.” It is not however their “normal” mark.

Finns & K98 023Finns & K98 029

The magazine floor plate and trigger guard are the correct pressed steel type marked with the “byf” code for Mauser, Oberndorf.  It is almost immediately obvious that this part is devoid of the usual small locking screws so readily associated with the wartime Mauser’s.  The stamping of the stock furniture and the lack of  locking screws were measures put into use to speed up production of the rifles.  The front band is of stamped and welded construction as is the mid band incorporating the forward sling mount.  The “byf “plant had a substantial forging plant and was a leading developer of the stamped components.  The butt-plate is a cupped steel type, correctly for this rifle, un-numbered and not coded.  Inverted “V” front sight with slots either side for sight hood (AF)  Rear sights graduated 100 to 2000 meters.

Finns & K98 024Finns & K98 025Finns & K98 027Finns & K98 036

Overall the rifle measures 1meter 10cm in length.  The round blued barrel is 600mm long and the trigger pull is 330mm.  The rifle is mechanically fine and the bore is considered excellent.  These rifles were bring-backs from America by G.I.’s  and consequently have been prized and looked after.  It looks like the weapon has experience little or no use since its hey-day. There is little wear around the action and bolt, externally the bluing is strong.  The laminated late war stock is also in fine condition with little apparent battle damage.  The rifle has been stripped fully, cleaned and re-proofed at Birmingham at the end of 2015.  This is a good chance to pick up a fresh K98 on the UK market which is not only going to shoot well but will also appreciate as it is owned and cherished once again.

Finns & K98 034

Stock No’  f 527

£ 1000………..SOLD

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