K98 Rifle with 660 marking, (G29./40) US “Bringback”………..SOLD

Created on June 14th 2014

A K98 rifle with interesting early markings.

f408 K98 G29 40 002

To all intents and purposes a standard German K98 in a laminated stock.  Chambered in 7.92 x 57mm.   Internal five shot magazine.   Overall length 43.1/2″.  A barrel of  23.5/8″ (600mm) and a trigger pull length of 13″.  The serial number of the action and ancillary parts is 8561 b,  the bolt is numbered 1258 c.  Therefore it is reasonable to assume this was taken in the field as bolts and rifles were separated on surrender.  The previous vendor stated that the rifle was brought back to the US by a Major Sokolow, it is interesting he has brought back a Polish built rifle !  A coincidence ?

f408 K98 G29 40 019

The crest of the receiver is marked  ”660  /  1940″.   This is the production code for “Steyr Daimler-Puch ”  This numerical marking of the receiver was only used for the first part of the year.  Along the LHS is the serial number and a clear Nazi Eagle clutching a swastika.  On the opposite side is a line of three Waffenamts over “623″   and a later “77″ stamp.  The barrel is also marked with serial number and around the barrel the following; “69 40 RD” which is the date and the barrel makers code.

f408 K98 G29 40 007f408 K98 G29 40 011

The action side wall is the give away the true identity of this rifle; “G29/40″.  These were identical to the K98 but built in Poland before the invasion. The germans simply restocked the weapons they seized and put them into all branches of their services.  Hence a later war laminate stock, they 660 code because most of the restocking etc was carried out by Steyr.  The Wehrmacht obviously felt they were good enough to issue to their own troops.

f408 K98 G29 40 004f408 K98 G29 40 005f408 K98 G29 40 020

The stock is in good condition although the buttstock stampings are difficult to read.  It is fitted with the correct cupped steel butplate.  The steel strip-down disk  and has the correct mountings and slot for the side mounted German leather sling.  These laminates stocks are extremely strong until they start to de-laminate, usually behind the action.  Condition of this rifle is very good, it is clean with only genuine wear through normal usage.

f408 K98 G29 40 006f408 K98 G29 40 009

The rear sights are graduated to 2000 meters and are also marked to the rifle.  The floor plate and trigger guard are the correct milled type and are marked to the rifle.  Cleaning rod A/F.  The condition of the bore is very good, it is clean, bright and has a good depth of rifling left with no corrosion or problems.  The action is smooth and the rifle cycles well.

f408 K98 G29 40 003

Once again a K98 that has survived well and is freshly london proofed in 2014 and is ready for use again.

Stock No’  f 408



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