Kriegsmarine K98k Rifle…………………….SOLD

Created on January 9th 2012

Mauser K98k Kriegsmarine Rifle

An excellent example of the K98 model with a solid walnut stock in 7.92mm serial number 1157 i and dated 1939.  Overall length 43.1/2″  Barrel length 24″.  Standard Mauser Bolt action with flag safety and 5 shot internal magazine.

Good matching hardwood stocks with flat steel butt plate.  The butt stock has the steel strip-down ring in the center and rectangular opening for the mauser style leather sling.  Below the strip-down disc are the stock inspection marks for the Kriegsmarine (navy) Nazi-era.  Also, clearly stamped underneath are the “WaA623″ waffenamts indicating abnahme inspection at Mauser/Oberndorf.  These markings match the action markings.


The action is clearly marked on the LHS wall “Mod.98″.  On the same side of the breech is the serial number and Nazi eagle as on the barrel.  Above the eagle on the breech is a modern German smokeless powder proof eagle.  Above the serial number on the barrel are other later markings (HEGF 5884) and above those more modern German Nitro marks and a possible date of 11. 68. On top of the barrel, between the rear sight and the breech is a caliber marking of “8.57JS”  On the breech ring there is the manufacturers caliber marking of “7.9″  The top of the breech is marked with a large “42″ which is the code for Mauser/Oberndorf and the date of manufacture 1939.  Furthermore there are three clear Nazi-eagle/623 waffenamts.


As is common with many of the early K98k’s nearly all parts have inspectors stamps on them, some more than one, and most carry some of, if not all of the serial number.  The folded down bolt handle is stamped 157, the safety shroud 1157 with waffenampts.  The rear sight, graduated to 2000 meters is marked on the underside with 1157 and the lock or release knurled button with 57 and a matching waffenampt.  Beside the rear sight are three more matching waffenamts just visible on the barrel above the woodwork.  The two front bands are numbered to another rifle (2209)  On later inspection it has been discovered that the serial number 2209 is marked faintly on the underside of the stock, just behind the semi pistol grip bump.  The rifle has the correct, but un-numbered cleaning rod. The fore-sight is fitted with a protective sight hood.  The ramp for the fore-sight also has the correct waffenamt 63 on the front as does the stock cross-bolt.

The trigger guard at first appears to have come from another rifle, being of the early pressed steel pattern.  It is correct for the manufacturer and has no provision for the locking screws, although the screws used have the cut-out for such.  The floor plate and trigger guard are both serial numbered to the gun, 1157.  They both have correct waffenamt and the manufacturers code “SVW” for Mauser-Werke, Oberndorf and “byf” which means the same.

All finish on the gun appears to be original with the strongest percentage remaining at the muzzel end on the barrel.  The action has retained about 75% of the finish and is mainly showing high edge wear.


This is a very good original German Mauser issued to the Navy, with a good bore, clear rifling which is a little frosted within the grooves, and a wonderful smooth action.  It is in fine condition and scores many collectors points in its matching numbers which should not go unnoticed.


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