Mauser K98 by CZ (dot) 1944…………..SOLD

Created on June 17th 2014

Mauser k98 by Waffenwerke  Brunn Czechoslovakia

f 407 dot Mauser 002

A late world war two K98 Mauser rifle by Waffenwerke  Brunn Czechoslovakia.  As soon as Czechoslovakia was annexed by Germany, the factory at Brunn was taken over and K98s were turned out from there,  in great numbers, for the rest of the war.  This  ”dot” marked K98 is as solid and well made as any produced during the whole of the war.  To its credit Cz Brunn plant continued  producing  hunting rifles in massive numbers, in almost the exact same design ever since the war.

f 407 dot Mauser 004f 407 dot Mauser 006f 407 dot Mauser 017

This rifle carries the serial number “9723 a o”   The number appears on the LHS of the barrel at the breech end, right beside a small eagle and swastika stamp.  The number is then repeated on the stem of the bolt handle.  It is on the RHS of the butt-stock and the magazine floor plate.  Also, all the parts that make up the rear sights are marked with the same number.      ( bayonet & clip not included in sale)

f 407 dot Mauser 031f 407 dot Mauser 009f 407 dot Mauser 008

The crown of the receiver is marked as follows; ” dot  / waffenamt 63  /  1944″  dot being the code for the manufacturing plant in Czechoslovakia.  The action wall is marked “Mod. 98″  On the LHS of the barrel is the serial number next to a Eagle & Swastika stamp.  Also curving over the top of the barrel, behind the rear sights are the barrel makers marks; “dot/13 shield - G R – waffenamt 63.”  There are two more waffeamt 63 marks on the RHS of the receiver.    The rear sights which are correctly numbered to the rifle are graduated to 2000 meters.

f 407 dot Mauser 010f 407 dot Mauser 022

The two front bands are the correct later “stamped/pressed” type but, to another rifle.  Correct inverted V front sight mounted on a ramp.  Condition of the barrel action and bolt are all good.  They carry a very strong blue which shows little sign of usage.  However most of the ancillary components such as the trigger guard are turning grey through usage.

f 407 dot Mauser 015

The stock is of solid beech with finger grooves, which are of different lengths allowing for the right hand thumb and four fingers on the other side. (This only works if you are right handed.! )  There are few marks on the stock, except for the RHS of the butt-stock.  This is marked very faintly but can be seen if looked at carefully;  Eagle Swastika adjacent to a design in a circle(uninterpretable)  over the serial number 9723.  The butt-stock is fitted with a late war cupped butt-plate with a bolt strip down hole through it horizontally.  The butt is machined to take the side mounted leather sling.

f 407 dot Mauser 013f 407 dot Mauser 014

The actions functions correctly and cycles well., The barrel is in very good condition;  it has very strong rifling with no damage or corrosion, it is clean and bright.

f 407 dot Mauser 023

  This is a good late war K98 Mauser rifle, freshly Proofed in 2014 and ready to go out on the range again.

Stock No’  f 407

  £ 625. ……..SOLD

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