MAUSER K98 High Turret Sniper Rifle…………SOLD

Created on July 17th 2013

A very interesting Scoped K98 with matching numbers.

Mauser 7662 038

This appears to be an all matching WW2 Sniper Rifle as used by the German Army. It has been fitted with a Dialytan 4 x 36mm scope.  Attachment to the rifle is by the high turret mount system. These have been designed with a see-through section down the center of the bases which allows their use with the open sights, although the field of view is limited.

Mauser 7662 043

The rifle serial number in 7226 o’  this is stamped on the side of the breech, the barrel, the stem of the bolt.  It also clearly appears on the butt plate, the front barrel bands, the trigger guard and magazine plate.  The walnut stock also has the the number impressed just below the semi pistol bump.  When the scope is removed the number is stamped into the underside of the rear mount and is clearly visible on the lower ring of the front circular ring.

Mauser 7662 047

The rifle in general is in super condition for an early K98.  There is regular even wear all over on the metal surfaces, as with the scope.  On most parts there are clear waffenamts with numbers which indicate places of manufacture of the different components.

Mauser 7662 075Mauser 7662 080

The barrel is profusely marked; The most obvious marks at first glance are the Weimar era firing proofs, which is the large eagle on the breech, indicating early production of the original rifle.  Next, on the actual barrel is the serial number again, and the barrel production marks which are a large “B” and then “H  E ” and “dou” followed by unreadable waffenamts.  The “u” of the “dou” is only a guess at this moment as it is only partly visible.  There is a clear caliber marking on the top of the barrel along with current West  German proof marks.  The front lower turret fitting obscures all other waffenamts on the receiver.  The side of the action wall is clearly Marked with “Mod. 98″.   The lower front base is stamped twice on one side wit waffeampts and the rear once clearly on the same side.

Mauser 7662 078Mauser 7662 053

The blued bolt also carries several matching serial numbers, though the actual flag safety is not marked.  The Scope which sits upon the rifle is clearly marked with the word “DIALYTAN   4X”  and then further along, a single symbol of “+” which indicates the scope has been lubricated, or can take the lubricant  designed for extremely low winter temperatures experienced on the eastern front.   Below the name “Dialytan” are the letters “dkl” which was the manufacturing code for a company by the name of Josef, Schneider & Co” an optics company from Kreuznach, who were pressed into service during the war. They made mainly lenses but probably didn’t actually assemble the scopes. On top of the scope is a single adjustable dial for elevation with a locking screw.  The scope turns anti-clockwise to remove it from the mounts, once the locking lever has been turned over to the left.  The optics are excellent with a simple clear post and rail reticle.  Wear on the outside of the scope seems even and there is no serious scratching or denting to the body of the scope.  The fit to the mounts is tight, and when locked into position the scope feels secure.  There is no visible number on the scope body which is disappointing as when initially produced in the factory the scopes were matched to their rifles by applying the serial number.  However, there is really no way, with this weapon, of telling when it was produced.

Mauser 7662 052

The finish on the stock is even and the butt plate is the flat type.  The bolt strip down disk is marked with stamps on both sides.  Below the disk on the stock, arranged vertically are three Wiemar Army inspection stamps, they appear to be an Eagle over “Wa211″.  The rifle comes with a genuine leather sling with a sliding catch which is marked “L & F ” the war time manufacturer of leather components and webbing.  Short cleaning rod in socket in nose cap.

Mauser 7662 056

The action on this K98 is good the bore is excellent.

Stock No’  f 355

£ 4850. 

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