Mauser K98k for 1937………………..(f 678) SOLD

Created on October 16th 2017

   A fine looking K98k Mauser


Chambered in its original 7.92mm round with an internal 5shot magazine.  Classic Mauser bolt action with flag-safety and open sights.  Excellent solid walnut stock and handguard.  The rifle has been professionally restored by a specialist restoration company and now carries a strong resemblance to the day it emerged from the Oberndorf Factory back in pre-war Germany.  The K98 really was the peak of development for the bolt action rifles issued to regular troops  (if the Wehrmacht of that era can be called “regular”, but I meant rank and file soldiers.)  Things didn’t really improve after this point, but were modified or altered.  This rifle is able to do exactly what it was designed for without any whistles or bells – and extremely efficiently.  Many modern day armed forces around the world are still separating rebels and militias from their ancient Mausers to this day!


This example is marked by the Mauser company situated at Oberndorf with its production code on the receiver of “S/42″  below that is the date “1937.”  Being of this period the rifle actually carries both the Weimar and Nazi-style eagle acceptance marks about its person.  Although Mausers were being produced under the auspices of civil protection, in a turbulent Germany, production had, by then, kicked into top gear in preparation for war. Hitler had his eyes on territorial gains and he wanted the most modern, best equipped army to stun his opponents into submission with.  The Mauser K98 was that weapon.


The action side wall is marked with the “Mod 98″ designation and the receiver with both types of acceptance marks.  The Nazi waffenamts are the eagle over “63″ which is absolutely correct for the period.  The interesting anomaly observed on this weapon is a two digit serial number which is repeated over most components of “82 r.“  Interesting, because in Richard, D, Laws book “The Backbone of the Wehrmacht” p.19, he states that it should be a four digit serial number.  The serial number is repeated on the LHS of the barrel adjacent to a clear Weimar Eagle.  The rifle is 43.1/2″ long.  The barrel is 23.1/2″ long and the trigger pull is 12.1/4.”


The restoration which has been carried out on the rifle, involved replacing a badly cut dove-tail in the receiver by newly available, modern, welding techniques then refinishing. Followed a trip to the proof house.  The stock which is a superb piece of walnut has been stained and then finished -producing a very pleasing dark effect.  The butt-plate is the correct flat steel type, contoured to fit the butt.  It does however carry an unrelated number of “672″.  The strip down disc is present in the butt as is the cut-out for the side mounted sling.  All parts are made from milled steel and are numbered to the rifle.  The lock screws are in place in the trigger guard.  The trigger guard is the correct non-hooded type of inverted V on a ramp with cross-hatched slope to cut-down glare.  The back sight is the conventional K-type graduated from 100 to 2000 meters.  Strong rifling and mechanically good action.  There is the slightest pitting towards the end of the bore but good rifling.


Stock No’  f 678

£ 795………SOLD

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