Mauser K98k WW2 German Service Rifle…….SOLD

Created on April 17th 2014

A mid WW2  ”bcd” 1943 marked Mauser with “avk” 1942 barrel.

Mauser Mod K98k f386 001

Serial Number 7193 b.  Chambered in 7.92mm.  Overall length 43.3/8″ (110cm) Round barrel length 23.1/2″  Standard mauser bolt action with safety flag to rear of bolt.  Internal 5-shot magazine fed by stripper clip.  LHS action wall simply marked “Mod. 98.”   The first section of the breech,(barrel collar) is marked with the specific bore size at production which looks to be “7.9″  (true land to land measurement) with Nazi waffenamt over.  The breech is then marked as follows; “bcd /crude arrow head design / 43.”  bcd is the manufacturers code for the Gustloff Werke plant.  ”43″ is the date of manufacture.  The arrow-head is the logo of a sub-contractor involved, Ruhrstahl AG.  On the RHS of the breech down at woodwork level is a mystery number, also stamped into the side; “R. O 658.”  Also meaning as of yet unknown.

Mauser Mod 98K f386 020Mauser Mod K98k f386 005Mauser Mod 98K f386 018Mauser Mod 98K f386 029Mauser Mod 98K f386 027

Stocked in a standard military three-quarter length laminated stock with a short handguard over the barrel.  This K98 has a heavy steel “cupped” but-plate with a similar number to the breech; “R 17868″.  The laminated stock shows signs of heavy usage,  it is fairly obvious that this rifle “has been there..”  but, having noted that, there is a good all over patina with a smooth finish that makes the weapon pleasant to handle.

Mauser Mod 98K f386 017Mauser Mod 98K f386 031

Moving along the stock from the buttplate, on the LHS is a circled “R” underneath another three pointed design (arrowhead). This again is for Ruhrstahl.  They were a barrel blank providers and finishers, which in itself is unusual.  This ties up nicely with the “avk” code on the barrel.  The barrel is marked in a “ring-type” manner in front of the breech; the following is visible with the wood-work in place;  ”avk  42 42 by_”  The “avk” is the manufacturing code for Ruhrsthal A.G.

Mauser Mod K98k f386 002

The action is still in its original blue finish but the bolt has suffered heavily.  There is virtually no finish on the bolt body.  The “bent-down” bolt handle and knob have a nice plumb-brown patina to them.  The bolt is from another rifle and is serial numbered on all parts with 3643.  The trigger guard and magazine floor plate are of the non-pressed steel type. Between the conventional sling mounting slot and the butt-plate is a bright metal disk which is used to field strip the bolt.

Mauser Mod K98k f386 009Mauser Mod 98K f386 008

The rifle has an inverted “V” front sight with sight protector fitted.  Interestingly the front nose-cap is of the later, stamped and welded variety, as is the forward sling mounting point and barrel band.  Unusually, the forward barrel band has an extra arrangement for sling mounting in the form of another looped bar on the underside of the rifle.  This is mirrored by an extra rear sling swivel on the underside of the stock.  All of the extra mounts seem to be contemporary to the rifle.  The rear sights are graduated to 2000 meters.  The bore is excellent, one of the best seen on K98′s as of this moment.  the action smooth and fully functioning.  British proofs applied.

Mauser Mod K98k f386 004

A good solid, very shootable K98k, which will be an awful lot of fun on the range.

Stock No’  f 386

£ 645….SOLD

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