World War One Gewehr 98 Rifle……………..SOLD

Created on June 19th 2014

A World War One Danzig Gew 98

f403  G98 Danzig 001

A fine late World War One Gewehr 98 bolt Action Infantry Rifle in 7.92mm (8mm Mauser)  A standard but late war production rifle with standard Mauser bolt action with flag safety to the rear.  Internal 5 -shot magazine which can be loaded by stripper clip from above.  If required the magazine can be dumped by depressing the release catch at the rear of the floor plate and releasing the rounds.  The safety operates by raising the flag at the rear of the bolt.  The mechanism can be locked by turning the flag another 45 degrees, so the bolt will not move at all.

f403  G98 Danzig 004f403  G98 Danzig 009

The action of this G98 is marked with an “Imperial German crown / Danzig / 1917″  Danzig is the maker.  The LHS of the receiver is marked with a Griffing type bird with raised wings and the serial number “2377″   The action sidewall is marked “Gew. 98″  The LHS of the barrel at the breech end is also marked with an Imperial Eagle and the serial number.  Further up on the barrel on the same side are marks which indicate involvement in the Second World War;  ”S/42 – two 63 waffenamts”  The receiver and barrel have now faded to a rich plumb-brown patina.  The actual early G98 rear ramp sight has been replaced with the later K-style sights, graduated to 2000 meters.

f403  G98 Danzig 006f403  G98 Danzig 007

The straight handled bolt stem is marked with the same number “2377″.  Other components of the same have differing numbers.  On the underside of the bolt stem are strong Imperial German Eagles.  The finish on the trigger guard and magazine floor plate have faded to grey brown.  These components are also numbered to the rifle, the trigger guard also carries the Imperial eagles.  The locking screws are still in position.

f403  G98 Danzig 008

This G98 is fully stocked with a beech semi-pistol gripped stock and a short handguard on top of the barrel.  The stock has been refinished with a semi matt finish which is very smooth.  There is some filler applied to battle damage which has been smoothed down to an undetectable flatness.  The stock is fitted with the bolt strip down disk and a flat steel butt-plate. In practical terms the stock is very usable.  Fixed in the normal fashion to the butt is a steel butt-plate which still carries a good degree of original looking colour.  There are the remnants of the three Imperial German stampings on the side of the butt.  The lack of a rear sling swivel is not incorrect as the German version was a sprung device which located in the mount which is present but empty. The forward sling swivel is present on the mid band.  The front band has a stacking hook and lug for bayonet attachment and takes the cleaning rod which is present.  It took two cleaning rods to clean each barrel.

f403  G98 Danzig 010f403  G98 Danzig 017

The action is mechanically fine and the bore is reasonable, looking in need of a concerted effort to clean it out.  The rifle is just shy of 49″  The barrel measures  29″.  The trigger pull length is 12.3/4″.  A seldom encountered chance to add a G98 to a collection.  London Proofed 2014.

f403  G98 Danzig 013

Stock No’  f 403

  £ 1000……….SOLD

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