WW 2 German K98 Mauser …………….SOLD

Created on June 11th 2014

A Good K98 “byf 1943″  Mauser Rifle.

f 432 byf 98 MauserK 001

  The German K98 measures  43.1/2″ in overall length.  The round blued barrel is 600mm long (23.5/8″)  The receiver is marked from the front to the back  as follows, ” Waffenamt/135 over “byf” over “43.”  The “byf” is the code for Mauser manufacturing plant at Oberndorf.  43 in this case is the date of production.   On the RHS of the receiver is the serial number 46921 e beside a good clear Nazi eagle stamp, above the serial number is a badly struck “X.” (Purchasers should research this mark)  On the action wall, on the same side, is the model designation; “Mod.98″.  The barrel has another clear Nazi eagle also on the RHS but no serial number.  On the LHS disappearing under the wood work are the barrel makers marks which read as follows: “43 D 3……”  The colour on the rifle as a whole is very strong and does look to be refinished.  It has a strong dark charcoal hue to it as does the bolt.

f 432 byf 98 MauserK 002f 432 byf 98 MauserK 010f 432 byf 98 MauserK 005

The bolt has the correct number on the stem “921″ and the safety flag “6921″.  The rear shroud of the bolt has “921″ on the crown.  The extractor spring has that classic german red hue to it, as does the bolt release catch.  The trigger guard and floor plate are both numbered to the rifle, as is the cupped steel butt-plate.  The sliding ramp rear sights are graduated to 2000 meters but are numbered to another rifle.  However, the barrel band and the front “H” band are numbered to this rifle, as is the bayonet lug cap and the removable tip to the cleaning rod.  The front sight has the sprung steel sight protector in place.

f 432 byf 98 MauserK 007f 432 byf 98 MauserK 004

Stocked in solid walnut (probably from another rifle) with cupped steel butt-plate and bolt strip-down disk.  At the LHS of the action the woodwork has been cut away for a short side-rail scope mount, of which there is no sign on this particular rifle.  Between the disk and the butt-plate are three distinct stamps in the wooden butt.  The first is the “Eagle over the H” this is the Army stamp.  Followed by the two “WaA655″ stamps meaning it was inspected, (Abnahme) at the Mauser Oberndorf manufacturing plant.  There are similar stamps behind the trigger guard on the front of the semi-pistol grip bump.  On top of the stock, at the back end of the cheek piece is a largish triangular chip of about 10mm missing from the stock.  On the other side are the stamped numbers “8634″  It is a good stock with many dents and dings associated with some usage but, the timber is close grained and therefor, quite heavy – it gives a very solid feel to the rifle.

f 432 byf 98 MauserK 025f 432 byf 98 MauserK 020f 432 byf 98 MauserK 012f 432 byf 98 MauserK 013

This K98 has a good strong, very clean and bright bore with strong lands to the the four grove, left hand twist rifling.  The five shot internal magazine has a follower with the number 45 and strong colour to it.  The action feels like it needs running in but is fully mechanically functioning.  An interesting and apparently nearly matching K98 from the second world war, with potential to be a good shooter.

f 432 byf 98 MauserK 018

Stock No’  f  432

£ 795…………..SOLD

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