Extensive Naval Uniform Collection………………SOLD

Created on July 7th 2009

British Naval Uniforms all relating to M.J. Godden R.N. & Lt Cdr D.J.Godden R.N.

As is immediately obvious this is an extensive collection of Naval Uniforms relating to one family, either brothers or father and son. All of the items are in the condition expected from militaria of this age and show no sign of restoration or interference. All of the items arrived together from the same family home.  They offer tantalising clues to the lives of their previous owners; …. the Indian Navy hilted service sword….. and the pith helmet dated 1942 and the well preserved bicorn hat.

Full List of items – offered as one or individually;

(some of these items have already been sold and may be seen in the photos, but description has been removed-thankyou)

Black Jappanned Tin, marked “D.J.Godden R.N.”  The outside tin shows the effects of wear, with the remains of transport labels still affixed, the lock & key still function. The red velvet-lined tin contains a Black Bicorn Hat by “Moseley & Poundford Ltd./32 THE HARD/ PORTSMOUTH.” {to be known as M&P for the rest of this article} Also Bullion Epauletts by M&P which affix to their special carrying and storage devices inside the tin, all intact.  The interior of the  bicorn hat is of fine fluted white silk and shows the makers name and address. There is one small hole in the sweat band and a hand written size label showing “6.3/4″ The black fur-lined outer is intact and in excellent condition with no wear or areas of damage or deformation to its shape, as with the gold braid on the front, the black rossett and the gold braid bullions at each end…….£425


The eppauletts are in wonderful condition, the best I have ever seen - they show signs of use and dirt from their age but the quality and attention to detail is wonderful. The makers name M&P clearly marked on the underside and the sprung brass bands by which they are attached to the uniform function perfectly; being marked left and right. Black Patent leather and blue silk reverse with spectacular gold bullion and braid edging. There is a highly detailed silver fouled anchor ontop of each eppaulette, all in fantastic condition.

Dress gold weave belt with hangers by M&P looks unused……£175.00



The pickett weight sword is sold.

The remaining sword is of standard service specification and weight blade, but with star of India etched blade and hilt with fouled anchor. The ricaso engraved with makers name “E.THURKLE / MAKER / SOHO / LONDON” Impressed brass disk on reverse with proof mark. Some damage to blade from rust. Other wise, standard brass gothic hilt with Indian cypher and folding guard, lions head pommel, shagreen grip - wired and standard service naval knot. Brass furniture on leather bound scabbard with two suspension rings. This could be an interesting area of research to follow, why the Indian Cypher on this sword? ……£395

Two Day wear Uniforms, one of heavy wool and one of cotton both with Lt Commander insignia on the sleves. Jacket and trousers. Buttons by Gieves. Both a little dirty but intact with no noticeable damage. Cap with naval insignia band also with white cover and red silk lining with makers name Dunn & Co……£80 each

British pattern Tropical pith helmet with peacock feathers in band. Tin foil liner to skull, leather sweat-band marked “SUTTON / size 6.7/8 / Arrow /1942″ In good condition, stiching intact with green baize lining to brim…£90

Second Black Jappanned Tin marked “M.J.Godden”  with makers “GIEVES” trade plate fixed to lid. Lined with red velvet. Containing two eppaulettts without bullion tassels, showing far more age grime. With fouled silver anchors on top – unfixed. Underneath marked, Gieves Limited by appointment to His Majesty the King, with brass fixing bars. Both eppauletts fix into their carrying devices within the tin….£225


Sets of soft eppauletts by Gieves Limited.


                                                                     Pith helmet £90                                Bicorn hat inside

£1395.00  - Complete lot

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