Prussian Uniforms, Epauletts………………….SOLD

Created on September 30th 2009

A Fine Collection of Prussian Militaria

A good selection of very good quality items collected together over a period of years which have not emerged onto the market untill this time.

Epauletts of an Officer of the 7th Westphalian (Prussian) Pioneer Battalion  in the bottom half of their box. Braid intact, colours strong with three little moth holes on top side of one. Some dirt to underside of same. No splits or tears. Button-hole fixing.


 Epauletts of an Officer of the 6th Uhlan Regiment (Prussian) This regiment was raised in 1813 from the city of Mulhausen. In the bottom half of their box in generally good condition with no losses or moth on top. Hook retainer missing from one. Slight wear and splitting on each about the edges in different places.




Epauletts of an Officer of the 2nd Battalion The Micklenburg Grenadiers from Schweren. IX AC. In their box with lid. Plenty of colour remaining, red backing slightly sun faded. One moth hole slight dent to crown on same. Button hole fixings. Slight damage/wear to both reverses with one hole , otherwise in good condition. SOLD


 Single Epaullets  (center of main illustration at top)

ONE Gold and Silver braid on Red with “3″over a pip in center for 3rd Pioneer Batl’n………. £80 REDUCED TO £60

ONE Silver Braid and Fired Gold with “24″ in center  for 24th Infantry Regiment…………£90 REDUCED TO £65

ONE Silver Braid, white background on red backing, fired gold with “9″ in center for 9th Regiment…………..£95 REDUCED TO £65

ONE Silver Braid, white background on red backing with “2″ under pips and flaming grenade with flamed gold for 2nd Foot Artillery….£95 REDUCED TO £65

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