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Created on February 28th 2008

A Good Example of a U.S. M1 Helmet.

US helmet   us helm top

Standard production. Steel outer covered in camo cloth and webbing band. Synthetic reinforced inner skin and standard leather and webbing liner inside.

                         Chin strap fixing missing but apart from that a fine example of the iconic M1 helmet.

us inr helm



WW1 Period “Doughboy” Helmet.

Unusual for its immediately striking handpainted four-coluor camoflague. Applied by the troops in the trenches to break-up the silhouete of the head and typical of the First World War. Size marked in liner 6.7/8″

Mixed Helmets 016 Mixed Helmets 014

The inside still the issue olive-green applied by spray. Leather paded liner AF with material inner, inscribed “Ward” in pencil. Chinstrap present but broken. The Helmet is stamped with the code “4C191″ under the rear flared edge. Un untouched example of the WW1 Doughboy helmet.

Mixed Helmets 018  Mixed Helmets 017

£260. REDUCED TO £185


Standard British Brodie Helmet .

WW2 period. Complete. Olive green – pitted with light rust. Liner marked “TTC II/1940″ Size 7.1/4″  Webbing chinstrap complete.  Indistinguishable stampings inside helmet at rear and right side.       £35.

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