WW I German Steel Helmet…..SOLD

Created on February 27th 2008

WW I German Steel Helmet:

WW1 Ger Helm    WW1 Ger Hel Int

Well preserved original Helmet with leather liner (one fixing rivet at rear missing)  No Strap. Cushion bags inside liner still present – only one filled. Various pencil writings on inside of rim, in script, very faint – looks like the fine handwriting of a time gone by - on studying the era, many postcards from the front are written in pencil. There is also incrediably what appears to be a cartoon of a duck ! beside the name & address.  Numbers and codes all stamped inside helmet, including “Si.66″  &  ”Bi499″ Standard Rolled edge. Sniper protection lugs at front. Superb condition very little rust a worthy condition to any serious collection.

pencil address wwi gerhelmww1 gerhelm padsstp no’s wwi helm


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