Czech VZ-54 Type Rifle…………………..( f 659) SOLD

Created on May 22nd 2017

Czech VZ-54 type Sniper rifle


This is not a rifle that I am highly fluent over so will describe once again what lies before me, and buyer beware.


This is the rifle that emerged from the Czech portion of the eastern block.  Based on the Mosin-Nagant once again and chambered in the same 7.62 x 54R as its parent; this was a far lighter, more maneuverable weapon.  It feels far more the Sporter than a battle rifle with its half length stock and pistol grip hand hold.  There is evidence remaining on the comb that the rifle has worn some form of cheek piece to aid positioning of the face to the butt.


Overall, the rifle measures 47″ in length.  The barrel is approximately 27.1/2″ long and the trigger pull is 13.1/4″.  There is a hatched metal butt-plate to aid grip in the shoulder.  The stock is the standard white Russian Spruce but is far more reminiscent of the Finish-Nagant than the Russian in overall feel.  There are finger grooves either side of the fore-end.  The fore-end is terminated 14.1/2″ from the muzzle leaving a free floating barrel exposed.  The barrel is considerably heavier than the normal battle rifle weight.  There is a blue canvass sling side mounted to the butt and mid-band on the LHS of the weapon.


The rear sights look more akin to the K98 and are graduated from 100 to 1200 meters.  The front post sight assembly is apparently adjustable and should have a guard over it which is absent.  All the metal components of the rifle carry a rich high gloss black, normally Nagant bolts are in the white.


The bolt carries the number “P 1610″. The breech has many markings upon it; what looks to be a production code of; “s h e / 56″ and a serial number of “E 4606.  There is an interesting compact scope mounted upon a slanted mount which presents the scope directly over the centre line of the rifle.  The mount is numbered; ” H 4713″.  The body of the scope is 6.3/4″ long including slightly larger diameter eye-piece.. There are two adjustment turrets which freely work and some markings on the scope body; “yal /2.5x6P / F1573 / crossed swords“.  The reticule is a post and rail type.  Optics are very good.


Bore is strong, once again needs cleaning but is complete with decent rifling and no pitting.  An interesting and unusual rifle which is bound to turn heads on the firing point.


Ask for Stock No f 659

£ 00000

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