French M.A.S. 36 in 7.5 x 54mm…………SOLD

Created on February 6th 2012

A good example of the MAS 36 French Bolt Action Service Rifle.

Of standard specification, overall length (bayonet stored) 40.1/4″.  Bayonet fixed 52″.  Cruciform spike bayonet 17″ overall.  Barrel length 22.3/4″.  Caliber 7.5mm French with 5-shot internal modified Mauser magazine.  Modified Mauser bolt with twin locking lugs at rear of bolt allowing for shorter stroke. Characteristic twisted bolt handle, numbered to another rifle.


Cutaway in action wall to facillitate loading with stripper clip.  There are multiple french arsenal inspectors marks on many components of the rifle.  Serial number is 17675.

Rear aperture sight graduated to 1200 meters.  Fine aperture with thick blade front sight.  The RHS of the action is marked as follows “MAS Mle 1936 / M 17675″  Floor-plate and trigger guard numbered to the rifle as is the butt-stock.  Side mounted sling bar and steel butt-plate.

The for-end band is numbered to the rifle and carries the forward sling ring.  The steel fore-end cap has an integral sight cover and a stacking bar. Under the 4.1/2″ of round protruding barrel is storage or mounting point for the bayonet.  Looking like the end of a tubular magazine it is simply an open ended tube which takes the blade end of the bayonet for storage under the barrel, or, on reversing the bayonet, the butt end, to fix bayonets.


Single piece fore end lower with shallow grasping grooves. The hand guard in in two pieces.  The action is basic but mechanically fine.  Despite the outward appearance of this rifle in that it has definately been places, the bore is excellent with srtong clear rifling and no corrosion. Excellent results have been acheived with these rifles in the states; this is a rifle worth spending some time on in the re-loading room.  It has not been refinished or mucked about with.  It has all its original finish but has been used extensively resulting in considerable wear to said finish, but it is original.

Some clever ideas went into the production of this weapon both on the drawring board and in the factory it is worthy of a place in any martial rifle collection, and also worthy of some time on the firing point.


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