Mauser Modelo Argentino 1891 Rifle…………( f 662) SOLD

Created on June 17th 2017

Superb Condition M1891 Rifle


Sometimes when a good rifle turns up, one wants to keep it.  This is the case with this example- they rarely appear this good.  This rifle is good both inside and outside.  It is possible that this rifle was held in war reserve and never issued as was the case with many of the regular infantry rifles.


This is the standard Infantry 1891 Model rifle made by Ludwig Lowe of Berlin and then sent out to Argentina to fulfil their contract.  Chambered in 7.65  x  53 with an protruding slim 5-shot magazine.  This model has a straight arm Mauser bolt with dual locking lugs at the front and cocks on closing.  The rifle measures 48.1/2″ in length.  It has a trigger pull length of approx’ 13″. The round blued barrel with stepped muzzle is 29″.  The breech is plain where the original roll marked Argentinian crest has been removed.  This was a government decree where they stated that all military rifles leaving the country should have the crest removed from the receiver and the cartouche removed from the side of the butt.  Some of the weapons were thus defaced very crudely. This example has either undergone further treatment on the civilian market or it was done in a sympathetic manner from day one.  I believe that the former is probably the most probable explanation.


Excellent one-piece walnut stock with steel butt-plate and full length cleaning rod stored under the barrel.  The stock has numerous crystal clear inspection and ownership stamps marked on most surfaces.  It also has the matching serial number marked on the RHS of the fore end about half way along, underneath the barrel and receiver markings of the same.  The serial number of the weapon is “G 5706″ and is matching throughout.  Situated just in-front of the rear sight is a short handguard which is held in place by two twisted wire lengths, it appears to be original. So using as flimsy an arrangement as it sounds; it has lasted 126 years with no problem!


Rear sights are open ladder type, graduated from 400 to 2000 meters with an open V sight picture to aim against the front inverted V.  In the horizontal position, the rear sights are set for 250 meters.  The cleaning rod mounted underneath the barrel is also of a matching number.  Attention to detail is superb within the construction of the rifle, they have even fitted a brass cleaning head to the steel rod to avoid damaging the bore when cleaning.


The quality of the build is felt throughout the rifle in every aspect of its function and build.  This is especially apparent while operating the mechanism.  Smooth surfaces mated to an engineers, fit slide over each other barely producing friction.  At the same time the simple action of closing the bolt reassures that this receiver was built to do a job at which it will not fail, such is its simplicity and the degree of care taken by those that produced it so many years ago.  The bolt is finished in the white with a sturdy flag action to the rear which has two positions – On or Off.  The bolt arm is marked with the matching serial number, and the shaking hands part of the Argentinian crest.  The floppy hat  (Phrygian cap ) part of the crest also appears in numerous parts of the rifle as an acceptance or inspection mark.


The outer side wall of the action is marked as follows; ” MAUSER MODELO ARGENTINO 1891  /  MANUFACTURA LOEWE BERLIN.”    The bolt release lever is also another instantly recognisable feature of the Model 1891; it is mounted in the same position as almost every other Mauser bolt release but curves up over the rear action bridge  It also includes the slightest notch to form the LH part of the stripper clip loading guide and it is finished in the most fantastic Nitre-blue.  The single stack magazine floor plate is numbered to the rifle and is blued with some smooth loses to each side of the exposed portion.  The trigger guard still retains a high standard blue with polished surface.


The forward and mid barrel bands retain a good strong blue as does the exposed portion of the barrel with little or no high edge wear and very few other marks.  The forward band incorporated a bayonet lug.  The internal workings of the rifle are in as good if not better condition than the outside.  The bore has only ever had minimal use, the four-grove, RH twist rifling is strong and without pitting or misting and very clean.


 This Model 1891 is certainly in the dormitory, if not an actual sleeper itself.  Reloading dies and consumables available with rifle.

Ask for stock No F 662

£ 845….. SOLD

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