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December 15th 2008

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“Coming to an RFD NEAR YOU….”

Just to tease you a little further I thought it might be an idea to give you all an idea of what is in the pipeline, these weapons are in the export process as I write and will soon be available (end of Jan09 to Feb 09) for us all to pour over and purchase.

These items will have to be proofed before sale so please be patient, but once they have arrived they will be available for inspection and reservation if wished. (pics above descriptions, click on to enlarge)



Springfield Model 1903 Bolt Action Military Rifle. #1518860 .30-06 cal’.24″ round brl. Parkerized finish, Walnut stock. The receiver marked “US/SPRINGFIELD/ARMOURY/Model 1903″ over the serial number. The barrel is marked “S.A./ordenance bomb/11-32″. Adjustable rear sights. Unmarked stock with pistol grip. Early steel buttplate with chequering and compartment. Bayonet lug and stacking swivel. Complete with a military sling marked 1944. Arsenal refurbished. 98% parkerized finish remains overall with few handling marks. The stock is excellent with a few minor pressure dents. The sling is fine. Mechanically excellent.

U.S. Army Model 1903 Springfield Armoury Rifle. #487966  .30-06 cal’. 24″ brl. Parkerized finish. Early pre-WW1 Model 1903 rifle which was later rebuilt for WW2. Receiver marked “US/SPRINGFIELD/ARMOURY/MODEL1903″ over serial number and the barrel marked “SA/ordenance bomb/ 8-44″. On the left the stock is marked with a “RA” and crossed cannons cartouche and the “FGA” inspectors mark. There is the “P” mark behind the triger guard with five small numbers stamped infront. The stock has three ling swivels and a metal compartment buttplate. This rifle is as close to mint as is possible. All the parkerized finish remains and is developing into a nice green/brown patina. The stock is fine with the lightest pressure dents and handling marks. All markings are clear with the cartouches just fading. Mechanically excellent.



Springfield Model 1903 Rifle #419514 .30-06 cal’. 24″ brl marked “S.A./Ordenance bomb/8/28″. Parkerized finish. Adjustable rear sights.  Correct milled parts.  Bayonet lug, stacking swivel and sling mounts. Two bolt straight grip stock with “SA/GAW” cartouche and ordenance mark. Complete with original leather sling. GWO&C. Bore excellent.

Marlin Model 1894 L/A Rifle #21112591  .44 magnum cal’.  20″ round barrel with full length tubular magazine under. Hooded foresight, buckhorne rear. Blued finish. Walnut stock with shotgun-style butt and Marlin buttplate. Other tha a couple of minor dings in the wood the gun is excellent overall. Bore is excellent. Fine working order and condition, there is some doubt as to whether this gun has been shot at all.



Marlin Model 1894 L/A Rifle #27013290  .44 magnum cal’. 20″ Octagon barrel. Full length tubular magazine. Blued finish. Selected cresent st0ck and Marlin butt-plate.  Buck horne rear sights and tunnel foresight. Near new condition, with a couple of tiny dings on the left side of the stock at the wrist. Ex. Robert Ross Weber Collection. USA.



Marlin Model 1894C L/A Rifle #18075540  .357 cal’. 18″ Blued barrel & full length tubular magazine. Walnut stock, english-style butt. Buckhorne sights. This gun is boxed, with all original factory lables still attached ie unpacked/unused mint condition. Ex. Robert Ross Webber Collection. USA.

Model 61 Winchester Slide-Action Rifle. #308238  .22 S L LR cal. 24″ round brl. Blued finish. Walnut Stock. Manf’ 1962. Adj’ rear sights with receiver groove for scope mount. 3/4 length mag’tube. Grooved slide & pistol grip stock. Plastic Winchester butt plate. 3 line address on barrel / model / caliber. Good condition, 85% original blue remaining. Stock – scattered pressure dents and scuffs.

Model 62A Winchester Slide-Action Rifle. #257851  .22 S L LR cal. 23″ round brl. Blued finish. Walnut stock. Manf’ 1948. Adj’ rear sights. 3/4 length tube mag’. Grooved flated bottom slide. Straight grip stock. Winchester butt plate. 2 line Winchester trade mark and address on barrel with model and caliber. Good condition with 70% original finish. Spotty and blotchy appearance. Stock with dents and scuffs.



U.S. Springfield Armoury Model 1898 Krag Rifle with Sling & Bayonet. #311583  .30-40 Krag. 30″ round blued brl. Walnut Stock. Receiver marked “US MODEL 1898 SPRINGFIELD ARMOURY” & s/n. Adjustable rear sight graduated to 2000 yds. Bayonet lug and sling swivels. Stock marked with “P” inspectors mark and 1901 cartouche. Blued and case-hardened finish, polished bolt. Full straight grip stock with hand guard and grasping grooves. Numbered “1549″ on stock. Steel butt plate. GWO &C

WW2 U.S. Army Model 1903A3 Remington Bolt Action Rifle. #3730002 .30-06 cal’ 24″ round brl parkerized finish, walnut stock. Early production WW2. Receiver marked “U.S. / REMINGTON ARMS / MODEL 03-A3″ over serial number. Barrel marked “RA / ordenance bomb / 4-43.”  All parts green parkerized. Correct early two pin stock with hand guard, marked with crossed cannons and “RA” and “FJA” cartouche. GWO & C. 

U.S. Springfield Armoury Armoury Model 1903 Bolt Action Rifle. #1426665 .30-06 cal’. 24″ round brl. Correct blue and parkerized finish. Walnut stock.  Barrel marked “S.A./Ordenance mark/1-33″ behind hodded front foresight. Adjustable rear sight marked up to 2850 yds. Arsenal overhauled with dark green parkerized green. Pistol grip replacement stock with high hump with no finger grooves. Smooth buttplate. Stock re-stamped “S.A./E.McF” in a box follwed by crossed cannons. Very good condition with approx’ 80% of the arsenal refinish remaining.

U.S. Army Rock Island Arsenal Bolt Action Rifle. #274264 .30-06 cal’. 24″ blued round brl. Walnut Stock. Blued/parkerized finish.  Receiver marked “U.S./Rock Island/Arsenal/Model 1903″ over serial number. Barrel marked “R.I.A./Ordenance bomb/5-29″ Rear sight graduated to 2700 yds. Smooth straight grip stock with no finger grooves. Top hand guard has the lower hump. Chequered buttplate. Bayonet lug, stacking swivel and sling loops. “P” acceptance mark rear of the trigger guard. Very good condition as refinished. Minor scattered pitting. Stock very good.

U.S. Model 1903 Rock Island Arsenal Bolt Action Rifle. # 385583 .30-06 cal’. 24″ round blued brl. parkerized finish. Post WW1 production M1903 rifle. Top of receiver marked “US/ROCK ISLAND/ ARSENAL/MODEL1903″ over the serial number. The barrel is marked “RIA/Ordenance bomb/12-18″. All surfaces have the late arsenal reparkerized finish. Standard rear sight graduated to 2700 yds. Straight grip stock with finger grooves, two reinforcing bolts and a double cartouche - a large boxed “ADAL” on the left. Correct milled parts with a replacement Remmington bolt. Correct military leather sling marked “WT&B 1918″. Very good condition with 95% refinish remaining with only light edge wear. 



U.S. Smith-Corona Model 1903A3 Bolt Action Rifle. #4873040 .30-06 cal’. 24″ round barrel. Parkerized finish. Walnut stock. Manuf’ August 1943. Correct adjustable rear appature sight. Receiver marked “U.S./SMITH-CORONA/Model 03-A3″ over the serial number. All parts parkerized. Barrel marked “S.C./Ordenance bomb/8-43″. On the left of the stock is a nice “RA-P” stamp. VGC&WO.

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