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June 11th 2012
The Pheonix has Risen

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A Very Encouraging Weekend at The Pheonix.

Looks like we’ve broken the back of it.  Against the overwhelming tide of negative news and events that we constantly have thrust down our throats, the collectible and classic arms trade has defied all odds and given a fantastic performance at the recent Pheonix fair at Bisley.

I don’t think I was alone in eventually turning in very good results for all our efforts.  In By Sword & Muskets’ case there was a strong interest in really good quality investments which the buyer is going to enjoy and use, and at the same time safe-guarding the investment.  The general feedback was an over-whelming mistrust in the banking and investment system ( which is no surprise! )  a genuine feeling that these kind of investments are far safer than money in the bank.  Even the regular shooter is now taking an interest in “the classics” as a way of using his money “wisely”.

Once again the discerning collector has proved he is always willing to pay the right price for quality correct items.  Good sniping rifles always provide a strong draw on the stand and once again a No4(T) which had returned to the fold was snapped up on the last day.  A record price, in my experience, was paid for both a mint, unused Lithgow SMLE and an fully matching Enfield No4 1/2 attributed to the Kings Royal Rifle Company.  Its nice to see excellent items emerging from collections that they have hiding away in for years, it reminds me why I set up in this business – and long may it last.

Attendance at the show was excellent on all three days and it was great to see some old faces milling around, surveying the goodies. I look forward to seeing you all again and chewing the cud over many more interesting articles.

See you all at Birmingham in June at the Motorcycle Museum.


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