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March 13th 2018
Shows for 2018

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And At       The 2018  Pheonix Meeting at Bisley

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October 26th 2017
2 Recent Surrey Fairs & threats against shooting.

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Kempton has potential.  Time will tell.  I don’t think anybody knew that there would be section one Firearms there.


The Trafalgar under the auspices of the NRA nearly got blown away by “Brian” !  Testament  to steel framed marquees.

Still a good flow of folk who realise the value of investing in their historical firearms.  The faithful struggled through wind and rain to open their minds (and wallets) to the alter of our interest.

A Warning:  These events need to be supported; it is bad enough that the government seek to slowly erode the rights of the collector and shooter.  We do not need to let apathy, with its air of corrosive rot, to seep into the shooting community.  If the events are not supported, in what-ever guise they appear, then we have nobody to blame but ourselves – when we become the last generation of shooter/collectors.  Our leaders in Whitehall would be delighted if “Shooting” decayed into no-existence.  It would make their life much easier until, they finally realise, that within the vacuum left by their successive clampdowns, the landscape they have engineered, is populated by illegally held arms. They would then have to face the music and really start doing their proper jobs and go after said illegally held arms, capable of far worse destruction than all the legally held arms put together.  I wonder then how many of them would be queuing up for a nice cushy FEO job. Then they would be faced with the real criminal, cruel,  harsh, violent and prepared to do anything required to retain their firepower.  Not the law abiding citizen who lays down his arms literally the moment he is required to.

Once the knowledge and know how attached to the black art of gun interest disappear then all that will remain will be an extremely anaemic version of government controlled “sport.”  The irony is that the ability to use arms has supported the political class throughout history.  The politician would not have freedom of speech and the safety of institutions like Parliament if weaponry had not been there to defend and forge that peace.  The powers that be seem to completely miss that basic principal.  Millions lie dead in foreign lands.  Ordinary, everyday citizens amongst them, that have answered the call to arms when issued, that have always defended those particular governments.  In short if these arms had not been developed and men had not trained with them, then the government would not exist and I would be immediately shot for writing these words.

Stay legal and keep shooting.

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April 30th 2017
The Pheonix 2017

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By Sword & Musket will be attending the Pheonix show towards the end of May and will have a single table within the new tent as set out by the NRA.

As space will be limited, if you want specifically to see any individual rifle, please let me know and I will make sure it is there.

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April 28th 2017
The Northern Shooting Show 2017

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By Sword & Musket will be there,

We believe we are to be in the new Exhibition Hall and we look forward to seeing you there.

LETS TALK GUNS !!…………………………….


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June 22nd 2016
Imperial IHAMS Fair 2016

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God Willing An’ The Creek Don’t Rise – I’ll be there……….

DSC_0030 (3)

                                                                                 ………………. with lots of Goodies !!

BISLEY,   9th  &  10th   of   JULY

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May 19th 2016
The PHEONIX SHOW 2016 – not good news !

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It is with much regret that By Sword & Musket will not be exhibiting at The Pheonix due to “circumstances out of my control

It has not been possible to secure a position at the show where we felt that we could show our Classic Military Rifle to any advantage and so will not be able to come to meet the our customers that we rely on so much.

The Jolly Red & Green Tent will not be in its usual position.  I can only reitterate that visits to the Bunker in Kent are thourghly recomended and encouraged.

I will be floating around on the Saturday, if anybody wants to see anything please make sure you contact me in advance so I can put it in the boot.

One is not amused…………………

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February 21st 2016
British Shooting Show 2016

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For the second year in a row Sword & Musket returned to the slightly unfamiliar ground of the British Shoothing Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

For a fur and feather show the results and interesting conversations that followed were highly encouraging.

The punters had their eyes open for a bargain and were curious enough about the prospect of worthwhile investment to spark their imagination.  The prospect of something to cherish and use as it increased in value, deffinately wetted more than a few appertite.  The urge to try something different in the gun cabinet started to take effect.

Luckily the show organisers had done enough pre-show promotion to ensure that the footfall would be high, with a wide range of interests being sought by the visitors.

Some feed-back has started to trickle this way and a gentleman has taken the trouble to send this in:


I’m Bob Jackson, we spoke on Friday late morning at the Shooting show, I know that you will have been busy over the weekend speaking to hundreds of people and hopefully sold some rifles to like minded people, I hope that you can remember us we were from Cumbria and I loved your Long Lee but I am currently on the hunt for an Arisaka 99 at the moment. Peter was looking for a No4 Mk2. I have a real hankering for older rifles as well as WW2 weapons and live firing as apposed to neutered De-activated.

I would just like to say that I could have talked for hours with you about rifles and especially their history and condition. I was well impressed with your passion for your rifles and its good to meet people passionate about what they do and sell, all too often it appears to be simply a business and a commodity. I was impressed with your honesty too many dealers use the buyer beware philosophy. You know that you are selling history and its importance……….the story is as important to me as condition.

The Accrington Pals link to the Long Lee is important and meaningful giving provenance and a picture in your minds eye of what it and its user went through.

Best regards Bob Jackson

People say the funniest things !

IMG_1259See you at Harrogate, 7th & 8th of May 2016

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November 8th 2015
New Stock Arrived from USA

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Not to put too finer point on it…. THEY ARE HERE !!!

Took longer than normal, or is this now normal…?   we shall see

A superb, interesting selection of long guns, military rifles, standard and Sniper.

This delivery includes; 3 x  US 1903-A4 military Sniper Rifles

4 x   Finish Nagants,

3 x  Swedish Mausers

No 5 Jungle Carbine,    Gew’ Commission 88,      A3 Smith-Corona,      A3 Remington,    K98 Mauser,        Winchester 1895

And quite a few more.


All need to be stripped proofed and prepared to normal standards…………….. patience


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June 13th 2015
Birmingham – June 21st

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Just to let anybody know who is interested By Sword & Musket is appearing at the Birmingham International Arms Fair next Sunday the 21st of June.

If anybody would like to see anything in particular, then I will be only too happy to bring it along to the Fair for their perusal.

Otherwise it will be the usual excellent display of Classic & Collectible Rifles at new lower prices.

So grab your FAC and get along to grab your chance.

Also on show will be more than a few Antique long guns.


See you there ….!

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June 7th 2015
Pheonix Result !

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Sword and Musket  returned to Bisley  for the 2015 Pheonix Fair.

Once again a great Fair with a good turnout, lots of good chat and trade accomplished in the space of three days.

I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 106I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 107I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 113I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 114

We were outside in our the now infamous green and red tent enjoying all that the weather could throw at us, but actually it was pretty good.

Many Thanks to Shaun of the Bisley Pavilion who organised this successful gathering and Long May it Last.  We will definitely see you all there again next year.  It should be noted that this  vibrant and successful fair is under threat from the “Powers That be”  and all support should be directed in its area should the need arise at some future date,  it could well be a watch this space situation .….literally

I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 110I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 108Pictured above here are the two re-barreled K98 rifles.  They came in as matching rifles – a rare thing these days but, the bores were completely exhausted.  So what to do ?  Easiest  soultion “De-activate” but this is contrary to our mission statement.  So brand new barrels were sourced from Walther-Lothar and professionally fitted.  We wanted to see what the general reaction to this would be from the shooting crowd and they were well received. So much so, they have both gone now.  Seen here in the white, it is also possible to have the same blued. So, two lucky new owners now have the laborious task of running in two perfect new barrels on their genuine K98s – what a drag !  I-Phone upto Feb 15-June 15 120 …………………..Inquire Within…



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