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May 17th 2015
Pheonix 2015 – Putting in an Appearance

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By Sword & Musket are returning to Bisley with as stronger a selection than ever before.

Lookout for the red & green tent.  By Sword & Musket will be in position so you can view as much of the current stock as possible, just outside the Pavilion for the entire show period. Also included will be a good collection of pieces from the most recent shipment just in from America and freshly proofed.

As usual there will be the a wide selection of Classic Collectible rifles from around the world and throughout the ages.

There will be a strong representation of American and British Service Rifles.  American lever-actions from both Marlin and Winchester.  It goes without saying there will be a full selection of Springfield 1903s’

Naturally the European contingent will be represented by Mausers’ from Germany and Sweden.   The isle of England produced some Nazi stopping Enfields’ that were quite good – which will be represented.

The high tech department will be covered by the famous Schmidt-Rubin straight pulls of the Swiss.

Please make sure you come and visit us, even if it gets a little crowded in the famous tent at least pick up a card and get in touch later.  We look forward to seeing you and talking “guns”.


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March 22nd 2015
New Shipment of interesting Items is in.

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The next selection of interesting items has finally arrived from the USA.

Briefly comprising of:

1 x Swedish M38 Mauser in 6.5 x 55mm by Carl Gustafs

3 x Remington 1903-A3 US Rifle

1 x Springfield 1903 MkI US Rifle

1 x Enfield No 5 Jungle Carbine

1 x Lee Metford w Enfield Rifling

1 x Springfield 1861 Musket

1 x Enfield P53 Musket by Barnett of London

1 x No 4 Lonbranch FTR British Rifle

3 x K31 Schmidt-Rubin Straight Pull Rifles

1 x Waters 1816 Flintlock US Musket

1 x Wickham 1816 Flintlock US Musket

1 x Marlin .45-70 L/A Rifle

2 x Lithgow SMLE WW .303 British Rifles

1 x Enfield .22 SMLE Trainer MkIV

1 x MAS 45 .22 French Trainer

1 x Finish-Nagant 1961 B/A Rifle Unissued !!

All will be appearing along with existing stock at shows this summer.

Or visit the Bunker….

I-Phone upto Feb 15 028

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January 30th 2015
British National Shooting Show …Results !

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I would just like to Thank all the many customers who visited me on the stand over the weekend.  I was really struck by the change in the viewing public.  Everybody seemed far better informed than the last occasion I stalled out at this show.  It seemed that far more people were well informed about their ability to take up Classic Rifle Shooting in the UK.

Whereas at the last show I attended at Newark some years ago there was a definite blank spot from the viewing public about this area.  Whether there has been more coverage of this area of shooting or just that more people realise that these fine Collectible Arms are a positive investment will remain a mystery to me.

The general level of interest was extremely high.  People asked relevant and interesting questions and seemed genuinely interested in the prospect of getting involved.  Of course, quality sells and quality maintains its value. Maybe, the message is getting through.

Just to prove me wrong this show turned out to be one of the best I have ever attended, not only in sales but also in feedback and future lines of enquiry.  I would be genuinely interested in what visitors to the show have to say about their day out and if I can improve the By Sword & Musket display in any way that I can not see from my position.

Here are only a few snaps of the stall at the show, I didn’t really get much time to view the rest of the show, as customers kept me talking for most of the time so there aren’t any other pictures of anybody else – sorry!




Hopefully see the rest of you at the National Motorcycle Museum on Sunday 22nd of February for the Antiques Show.

And, as for the BSS next year – I will see you there.




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October 14th 2014
Appearing at a Gun Show Near You ..!

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The Trafalgar 2014

Yes, folks its that time again.  Time to trudge through the falling leaves and brave the wind and rain to a tent barely held down by its pegs.

The BY SWORD AND MUSKET ROADSHOW will be wheeled out again containing all the usual goodies.

Come and see us at Bisley this weekend where we can basically “TALK GUNS” without having to mutter under our breath for fear of being taken out by roaming do gooders or police swat teams.  A place where political correctness can go whistle !

There will be a full display of military and some early nineteenth century firearms to closely inspect. And, when you form that unbreakable bond with the gun you have been looking for for so long, a chance to take it home or reserve it.

Two weeks ago By Sword & Musket stalled out at the Ardingly Autumn Game Fair and spent the weekend spreading the message. (and explaining whats really out there for new interested parties to indulge with.)

Phone October14 122

See you Bisley.

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September 27th 2014
Return to Birmingham.

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By Sword and Musket recently returned to The National Motorcycle Museum.

It was good to be back and see a few old faces again.  Much to my surprise I was stuck very close to the entrance, but this worked out to my advantage.

Interest and feed back was high and I shall be returning this time with high quality Classic collectible section one rifles.

I look forward to seeing you all again….keep the faith..

C.S. Musket 006

Second Pattern P53 smoothbore, dated 1857, Three-Band

Next Appearance @ The South Of England Game Fair, Ardingly, 4th & 5th October 2014…… See you there in the Gun Hall

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June 3rd 2014
The Pheonix 2014

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Well, just about managed to get ready in time, but had to leave about 30% of the stock in the Bunker because of overloading.  Van looked a bit sick, decided a broken axle on the motorway could have provoked a few problems.


Once again By Sword & Musket put on a display of  Timber n’ Steel  that raised many an approving eyebrow.  Grouped by country, the rifles were racked out on four main displays, all of which brought in a good amount of interest from the passing crowd.


There were fewer Springfield 1903′s on display this year but they still remain a strong line in the business.  All types were shown at the beginning of the Show, but dwindled rapidly at the flashing of plastic.  A strong selection of all types remains in the Bunker for viewing by appointment.


It was good to see a smattering of the Gentle Sex taking up the sport and woe-betide any Gentleman that throws down his gauntlet for, they are a force to be reckoned with on the firing point.  Apparently they listen to instruction !!


Anyroad up, back to the show:  Still receiving calls as a result of folk having sleepless nights after spotting something they know they really want.  So pick up the phone, help is at hand.  You dont have to suffer in silence.  We all have the same complaint.  Its as old as the hills and can be treated by applying more slots to the Firearms ticket, then treating with the correct caliber.IMG_1380

It was good to see familiar faces again but what would be really good is if some familiar faces brought along some unfamiliar faces, and introduced them to our sport.

Well, we enjoyed ourselves !

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February 5th 2014
The Big News We have all been waiting for….. The Shipment is In…

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At last after months of doing battle with the various powers that be, the published list of guns has finally arrived from the US of A

It will take a while to push them through proof and restore what needs attention, but so far the indications are good – not one dodgy bore.

If there is anything you want to reserve or talk about please get in touch asap.

I’m only a third of the way through and its taken a day so far….!  But I’m having lots of fun.


Boys don’t grow up ……… Their Toys get Bigger

This is the definitive list of what is now going to be available:

Items for Import from USA to GB
Date of U.K
Description Manuf’ Serial No’ Desig’ Caliber
US Springfield  1903 Rifle 1929 1372552 sect’n 1 .30-06
Enfield No 4 British Rifle 1944 83L2368 sect’n 1 0.303
British S.M.L.E. Rifle 1918 C9057 sect’n 1 0.303
Swiss K31 Schmidt Rubin Rifle 1948 919504 sect’n 1 7.5mm
Steyr M95 Austrian Rifle 1917 7023W sect’n 1
Springfield M1903A1 Rifle 1918 816530 sect’n 1 .30-06
Springfield M1903 Rifle 1918 948924 sect’n 1 .30-06
P17 Eddystone Rifle 1918 503810 sect’n 1 .30-06
W.W. Greener .310 Cadet                             * 1907 7468 Sec’ 58 0.31
Springfield Krag 1898 Rifle                           * 1901 5554 sec’tn 1 .30-40
Japanese Type 99 Arisaka, Series 31 1942 9317 sec’tn 1 7.7mm
GEW 98 Mauser rifle, Spandau 1916 6334a sec’tn 1 7.92mm
U.S. bayonet                                           ++      * 1910 n/a n/a n/a
Remington 1903M Rifle 1942 3313085 sec’tn 1 .30-06
Remington 1903-A3 Rifle 1943 3461282 sec’tn 1 .30-06
P17 Remington Rifle 1918 384700 sec’tn 1 .30-06
German K98k Mauser Rifle 1939 1155b sec’tn 1 7.92mm
German K98k Mauser Rifle 1941 9851g sec’tn 1 7.92mm
German K98k Mauser Rifle by Sauer 1941 4631k sec’tn 1 7.92mm
German Kar.98K by Gustloffwerke 1943 7193b sec’tn 1 7.92mm
Swiss K31 Straight Pull 1944 820163 sec’tn 1 7.5mm
German DSM-34 Mauser Rifle 1939 2463 sec’tn 1 .22 LR
Gew 98 by Mauser 1918 5825c sec’tn 1 7.92
SMLE No1 MkIII 1917 M51374 sec’tn 1 0.303
Japanese T38 Series 2 Carbine by Kokura 1938 10102 sec’tn 1 6.5 Arisaka
K98 Mauser Rifle 1940 8561 sec’tn 1 7.92
US WW1 Model 17 Eddystone Rifle 1918 953251 sec’tn 1 .30-06
WW1 British S.M.L.E. No 1 Mk III 1918 52693 sec’tn 1 0.303
WW1 Swedish Mauser M96 1918 461362 sec’tn 1 6.5×55
WWII Swedish Mauser Carbine 1938 377112 sec’tn 1 6.5×55
WWII Finnish M39 Rifle 1941 42662 sec’tn 1 7.362R
WWII German K98 Rifle 1944 9723 sec’tn 1 7.92
British Enfield No4 MkIi Rifle 1966 7371 sec’tn 1 303
U.S. Springfield Mark 1 Rifle 1944 1097202 sec’tn 1 .30-06
Swedish M96 Rifle 1919 471909 sec’tn 1 6.5×55
German WW1 Mauser Rifle 1917 2377 sec’tn 1 7.9
Remington 1903-A3 Rifle 1943 4046552 sec’tn 1 .30-06
Imperial German NCO’s Sword               ++ 1916 n/a n/a n/a
Trapdoor Springfield 1888 Rifle                 * 1888 31912 sec’tn 1 .45/70
Gew 98 WW1 Rifle 1918 7271K sec’tn 1 7.92
Remington 1903 Rifle 1942 3055354 sect’n1 .30-06
Springfield 1903 Rifle 1921 1234956 sect’n1 .30-06
Remington 03-A3 1943 4087924 sect’n1 .30-06
Swedish M1896 Rifle                                     * 1913 315456 sect’n1 6.5×55
Lithgow SMLE NoI MkIII 1943 E31954 sect’n1 0.303
Enfield No5 MkI 1945 P4996 sect’n1 0.303

If you see something you like the look of – don,t hesitate.  Give me a call and we

will talk.

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January 17th 2014
PRICED REDUCTIONS for Stock Reshuffle.

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SO…Time for a Stock Rotation… = Price Reductions !!

Have a look at the Current Stock list and the items mentioned to see all the items that have had their Prices Reduced.

There is a large shipment on the horizon and I need to make space in the Bunker.

These reductions will last until March the 30th 2014, where By Sword & Musket will be displaying in The Antique and Classic Arms Fair at Bisley.

After that date no deductions will apply.

So fill you boots lads ( & Ladies of course )  this is a rare opportunity to acquire High Grade examples of certain weapons at much reduced costs.

Please contact me for any further information on 07891 379071


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October 11th 2013
Its Trafalgar Time Again ..

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Just wanted to let you all know that By Sword & Musket will be at the Trafalgar Meeting on 19th & 20th of October  2013.

Turnbull 1886 019

Time to see all those pieces you’ve wanted to look over,

If there’s anything specific you want to see, just give me a call or drop me a line and I will make sure it is there.

See you there, in the Red & Green tent outside the Pavilion.

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July 12th 2013
Imperial Meeting Bisley 2013

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Just like to say it was good to see all the old faithfuls turn up at Bisley for the Imperial over the weekend of the 6th/7th of July.

Despite steaming hot temperatures we all just about survived and a decent amount of trade was partaken of.

A couple of extremely interesting sniper variants came in, and that is all I am prepared to say at this moment in time; some research is required before release ..!

With the help of all concerned I was able to put on the largest display yet of superb quality rifles, and the feeling that like goes to like felt quite strong as during the show I was offered some really interesting items for resale, so watch this space; your golden fleece may yet appear..!

Mauser 7662 029

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