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September 24th 2009
3 K98 Mauser Snipers & an Remington 03A4 Arrived !

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It won’t be long and I will be offering 3 K98 scoped rifles for sale so watch this space carefully….

Information so far……

Mauser Model K98 Rifle with Custom Turret Scope Assembly. This rifle is serial number 25921. In standard 8mm (7.92). It has the laminated stock with a 24″ round blued barrel. Standard fitting Rear military sight graduated to 2000 meters. Hooded front sight. “H” -shaped nose-cap, steel butt-plate, bolt dis-assembly ring in stock. Waffenamps and eagle firing proofs on barrel and receiver. Cleaning rod. “40Do59″ on top of the barrel, “MOD 98″ on receiver and “WaA655″ on barrel, butt-plate, rear sight and trigger guard.

The scope is a Commercial Zeiss type, marked on top with “Carl Zeiss, Jena, Zielvier” and numbered “38757″ with good clear optics. Using the high turret mount system.  Price £2085.00


WW2 Gustloff-Werke “bcd” Code 98K Mauser with Scope 8mm (7.92) caliber. S/n XX3824.  Laminated Stock, 24″ round barrel. Receiver marked “bcd” over 41. Converted for double claw set up. Scope marked “NO6362″ and “C.Reichert Wien” and has commercial quick release mounts. Numbers match except safety and has marked leather sling.  80% of finish remaining on rifle. Stock excellent. A good shootable example of a usable K98 Sniper.   Price £1985.00


Mauser K98 Model Service Rifle with Scope. S/n 35910g Standard 7.92mm caliber. 24″ round barrel. Blued Steel butt-plate with dis-assembly ring in stock. Blued action and barrel, standard ram sights graduated to 2000m. Eagle firing proofs on the barrel and receiver. The “Eagle/153″ on the barrel and “MOD.98″ on the side wall. Double mounts and a commercial Zeiss scope. The scope is marked “Carl /Zeiss/Jena/Zielvier/nr45895″ and “ERNST STEIGLER BERLIN” On the stock it is marked with the “Eagle/swastica” over “H”. All visable numbers match, most markings highlighted in white. Scope optics are very good. Price £2150  


U.S. WW2 Remington 1903A4 Sniper rifle.  s/n 4997333. .30-06 cal. Walnut stock, parkerised finish. Manufactured by the Remington Arms co’. Receiver marked “U.S.REMINGTON MODEL 03A3″ on the left and the serial number on the right. The barrel is marked “R.A./Ordenance Bomb/1-44″. Stamped parts, proofed stock with “RRA-C”. Original US M84 scope with clear sharp optics. 95-97% of the G.I. parkerized finish is still intact. Stock is fine. Mechanically good.  £4125.00



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September 2nd 2009
4 of the BEST Krags in .30-40

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Well Folks I am proud to present Four of the Best Krags I have Ever Laid Eyes ON!

These have been in the pipe-line for a while now but it was worth the wait. Each rifle is excellent order and the Carbine just leaves you driblling. I will get round to writing up a full report on each one of them - I have only done one of them at the moment (see FAC Rifles page) but, they are all in similarly excellent condition.

Dont miss your chance to get hold of a fantastic piece of military hardwear before they are swallowed up by collectors and dont see the light of day for some time.

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