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May 16th 2011
The Pheonix 2011 27th, 28th and 29th of May

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Once again its that time of year again and I’m looking forward to showing and selling the high quality selection of Military Collectible Rifles I have to offer.

By Sword & Musket will be at the Pheonix again in the same place as last year with all the best military bolt actions I can get my hands on. We are situated in a red and white stripped tent on the front corner between the NRA Museum and the Pavillion.

At the present  I have a strong selection of  US 1903 Service Rifles of all the different types. From the plain World War One issue to the Genuine Remington A4 Snipers of the Second World War.  In-between rest all the other varrients like the interwar years 1903 Springfields with the pistol grip stocks, later chosen by the USMC as their Sniper base for the Second World War, where they established their reputuation as a highly accurate and efficient surgical enemy removal tool.

The regular GI A3 and its big brothers; the A4 Snipers with the M82 and M84 Scopes which saw action as late as Korea help to complete the selection.

Also on display will be the superb Springfield made Krag rifles and Carbines from the Spanish American war years. The finish and attention to detail has not been repeated on US service weapons since.  The accurracy obtainable by these gentle old ladys of warfare is extrodinary. An 1898 version of the same is fast becoming my favourite open sighted weapon for club and competition shooting.

There wil be a mixture of other collectible / shootable weapons from the same period as well as earlier, with a few rather splendid large bore, obsolete Lever Actions by the great rivals Winchester and Marlin.

There wil be parts, accessories and other militaria from the same periods for all to rummage through.

I look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have on the subjects

Bring long bags and pleanty of cash.


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