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February 8th 2017

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  • SPRINGFIELD   1903
  • Almost anything Springfield Related.
  • Specifically, Rear 03 sight components.  Collar and ladder.



  • Bolt Heads for SMLE  7.62 version


  • Mauser DSM-34 Safety catch

If anybody has any thing like this will you please contact me asap on 07891 379071 or e-mail

Many Thanks

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July 11th 2016
A Good result at The IHAMS Fair.

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A Good Weekend all round with lots of old faces and good gun chat.

A Big Thank you to Chris of HBSA fame who organised the event and also a big Thank you to all the customers that came to see us and the guns.

The IHAMS is growing, without a doubt!!DSC_0109

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January 22nd 2015
Look out for 2015 Price reductions

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There is more than a heavy splattering of Price REDUCTIONS  all over the web-site,

So if you have been coveting something on here for a while, Have a look and see if you have been lucky,

“…Well ! Do ya’ feel Lucky ……..Punk!….

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April 10th 2014
THE BUNKER….. ..—..-.–.—.. Ready For Inspection

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Gentlemen;  A New Viewing Facility is Now Ready For Your Inspection


It is with great pleasure and relief that I am now able to offer an interesting new environment to view all the items that are waiting to be snapped up. Step into The Bunker and examine these fine objects at your will.


Location will be given to authorized persons upon request. Viewings by appointment,  establish communication by conventional means on 07891 379071

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September 5th 2013
Now Offering Restorations service

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I am pleased to announce that from now on I am offering a restoration service.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you want worked on and I will be pleased to quote.

These are mostly cosmetic restorations which can be carried out to any required degree of thoroughness.

See other jobs under the “PARTS”  header;

A few pleasing results:July 2013 018~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A Martini-Henry Carbine, complete Restoration;More Rifles 026

More Rifles 038More Rifles 032More Rifles 040More Rifles 024

Bring that old banger in for a face-lift, you never know we might discover………..



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August 2nd 2012
US Shipment now Available

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The following guns have now past British Nitro Proof and are all going to be available for sale;

I still do not have all the information for final and accurate pricing as the Proofing invoice has not yet been sent, I will update asap;

Model                                            S/N            D, o Man’        Caliber

Husqvarna  189                            2889                1943              6.5×55

Swedish 1896 Target Rifle            32081             1899               6.5×55

German Model Mauser 98             1655                1942               8mm

Standard Model Mauser                 B59195           1938               8mm

Remington 03-A3                          3337797        1942               30-06

Remington 03-A3                          3356657         1942              30-06

Remington 03-A3                          3522416         1943              SOLD

Springfield  1903                         1267413         1926               30-06

German 98K Reichpost                  57159               1933              8mm

Remington 03-A3                         3524640          1943             30-06

Enfield No5 Carbine                       Z8601               1946              303

Swedish 1896 Rifle                       4917                  1898              6.5×55

Steyr 1895 Rifle                            7369N              1897             8x50R

Springfield 1903 Mk1                    1104522           1909             30-06

Mauser 1896 Swede                      28211                 1899             6.5×55

Carl Gustafs 1896                         364247             1915             6.5×55

Mauser 1896                                 42404               1900             6.5×55

Arisaka T38 Carbine                     97415               1936              SOLD

Marlin ’94                                     D4415               1920            .25-20

Springfield                                   328613             1884              45-70

Remington 03-A3                         3769028          1943             30-06

Winchester 1895                          405799             1900            30-06

Marlin 1894 CL                           10083041       1988              25-20


Please contact me if there is anything of any interest to you;




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May 16th 2011
The Pheonix 2011 27th, 28th and 29th of May

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Once again its that time of year again and I’m looking forward to showing and selling the high quality selection of Military Collectible Rifles I have to offer.

By Sword & Musket will be at the Pheonix again in the same place as last year with all the best military bolt actions I can get my hands on. We are situated in a red and white stripped tent on the front corner between the NRA Museum and the Pavillion.

At the present  I have a strong selection of  US 1903 Service Rifles of all the different types. From the plain World War One issue to the Genuine Remington A4 Snipers of the Second World War.  In-between rest all the other varrients like the interwar years 1903 Springfields with the pistol grip stocks, later chosen by the USMC as their Sniper base for the Second World War, where they established their reputuation as a highly accurate and efficient surgical enemy removal tool.

The regular GI A3 and its big brothers; the A4 Snipers with the M82 and M84 Scopes which saw action as late as Korea help to complete the selection.

Also on display will be the superb Springfield made Krag rifles and Carbines from the Spanish American war years. The finish and attention to detail has not been repeated on US service weapons since.  The accurracy obtainable by these gentle old ladys of warfare is extrodinary. An 1898 version of the same is fast becoming my favourite open sighted weapon for club and competition shooting.

There wil be a mixture of other collectible / shootable weapons from the same period as well as earlier, with a few rather splendid large bore, obsolete Lever Actions by the great rivals Winchester and Marlin.

There wil be parts, accessories and other militaria from the same periods for all to rummage through.

I look forward to seeing you and answering any questions you may have on the subjects

Bring long bags and pleanty of cash.


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