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June 3rd 2014
The Pheonix 2014

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Well, just about managed to get ready in time, but had to leave about 30% of the stock in the Bunker because of overloading.  Van looked a bit sick, decided a broken axle on the motorway could have provoked a few problems.


Once again By Sword & Musket put on a display of  Timber n’ Steel  that raised many an approving eyebrow.  Grouped by country, the rifles were racked out on four main displays, all of which brought in a good amount of interest from the passing crowd.


There were fewer Springfield 1903′s on display this year but they still remain a strong line in the business.  All types were shown at the beginning of the Show, but dwindled rapidly at the flashing of plastic.  A strong selection of all types remains in the Bunker for viewing by appointment.


It was good to see a smattering of the Gentle Sex taking up the sport and woe-betide any Gentleman that throws down his gauntlet for, they are a force to be reckoned with on the firing point.  Apparently they listen to instruction !!


Anyroad up, back to the show:  Still receiving calls as a result of folk having sleepless nights after spotting something they know they really want.  So pick up the phone, help is at hand.  You dont have to suffer in silence.  We all have the same complaint.  Its as old as the hills and can be treated by applying more slots to the Firearms ticket, then treating with the correct caliber.IMG_1380

It was good to see familiar faces again but what would be really good is if some familiar faces brought along some unfamiliar faces, and introduced them to our sport.

Well, we enjoyed ourselves !

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