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November 22nd 2011
The Birmingham International – November 2011

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I just wanted to thank all those who came along to the show at the Motorcycle Museum, who helped to make it  The Best Show I have ever done up there, smashing all records.

I thought the last two Bisley Shows were good but I had no idea what was in store for Sword & Musket at Birmingham.

As with the two last shows it is the quality items that are moving the quickest.  Which is a great sign as, By Sword and Musket, has been concentrating on this sector of the Classic and Collectible Military Rifle market for some time now.

The wise money seems to be sticking with Quality…. keep it up guys, you wont be dissappointed.

A foot note to all of this, is that the shipment from the USA has arrived, all the weapons have passed proof and are ready to be released to the right persons, its just a matter of time required to get them all listed.

I just wanted to wish all my customers Happy shooting, collecting and when it gets here….Christmas.

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November 2nd 2011
Trafalgar Trade Show 2011

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I would just like to thank all my customers who showed up.  It was great to chat and put names to faces and then rifles to those faces.

The interest in classic and collectible military rifles is definately increasing.  Purchases were strong and it looks like the stock which is about to emerge from the proof house may not be enough to stem the tide of interst on the subject.

This only encourages me to carry on sourcing top quality military spec’ rifles from around the world.  It’s quality, not quantity that counts in this field, as so many of each mark were originally produced for the home forces of each of the countries.  Literally millions of some marks were produced and most of them were not too carefully treated.

It takes time to find the good ones and I just have to ask for your patience.  I would stress however that it is easy to surround your self with a huge collection of not very good stuff, and next year it will still be not very good stuff, which in turn will always be difficult to re-sell.  So discretion being the better part of valour, we all have to wait for the good ones to emerge.  So keep your eyes on the prize and I’ll get it for you.

Thanks again, see you all at the Pheonix next May …………….

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