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October 2nd 2011
33 New Arrivals from the States

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New Shipment from the US is IN….

Its that wonderful time of year again when all the documentation has come together. All the charges have been paid, the exporters have done their thing, the Airline its’ and the importers have made that magical phone call…. ” all the items have cleared and they are ready for colection….”

I can now announce that 33 differing Military Rifles have arived in the hands of Sword & Musket and as soon as they have passed proof they wll be listed and be available for sale to avid collectors and shooters all over the country.

They cover a wide field of interest and added to the already interesting but, rapidly dwindling list in stock, include some of the following;  There are approximately

6 1903 Springfield US Service Rifles in .30-06

7 Swedish Mausers in 6.5mm

3 No4 Enfields in .303

3 K98 Mausers in 7.92mm

3 P17 in .30-06

2 Springfield Krags in .30-40

A French Berthier Carbine

A .44 mag 1894 Marlin

An 1895  Steyr in 8mm

A Schmidt-Rubin 1896/11 in 7.5mm

A 50.-70 Springfield Trapdoor Musket

If any of these are of interest to you please do not hesitate to get on the blower and I will give any details I can at that moment.  Viewing will not be possible for sometime, and I dont think they will make the Trafalgar Meeting at Bisley as they will probably still be in proof.

Nevertheless, Sword and Musket will be at the Trafalgar, October 22 & 23 with a wide selection of current stock as shown on the website now, and it would be great to see you all and TALK GUNS.

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