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March 22nd 2015
New Shipment of interesting Items is in.

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The next selection of interesting items has finally arrived from the USA.

Briefly comprising of:

1 x Swedish M38 Mauser in 6.5 x 55mm by Carl Gustafs

3 x Remington 1903-A3 US Rifle

1 x Springfield 1903 MkI US Rifle

1 x Enfield No 5 Jungle Carbine

1 x Lee Metford w Enfield Rifling

1 x Springfield 1861 Musket

1 x Enfield P53 Musket by Barnett of London

1 x No 4 Lonbranch FTR British Rifle

3 x K31 Schmidt-Rubin Straight Pull Rifles

1 x Waters 1816 Flintlock US Musket

1 x Wickham 1816 Flintlock US Musket

1 x Marlin .45-70 L/A Rifle

2 x Lithgow SMLE WW .303 British Rifles

1 x Enfield .22 SMLE Trainer MkIV

1 x MAS 45 .22 French Trainer

1 x Finish-Nagant 1961 B/A Rifle Unissued !!

All will be appearing along with existing stock at shows this summer.

Or visit the Bunker….

I-Phone upto Feb 15 028

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