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January 21st 2013
Early 2013 Arrivals from the USA.

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The latest batch of mixed items has arrived from the USA.  All the weapons have now past proof  and here is what is still available;

f 320  One  Enfield No5 Jungle Carbine  in .303 approx’ date 1946…..£725.  SOLD

f 325  One  Argentinean Mauser Model 1909 in 7.65mm.

f 322  One  Type 99 Arisaka Rifle with all accessories in 7.7mm.

f 324  One  M1916/27 French Carbine in 8mm Lebel.

One  British Short Lee-Enfield Service Rifle in .303. c’1904.

One  British No1 Lee-Enfield Service Rifle in .303  c’1901.

One  U.S. 1903 Mk I Springfield Rifle in .30-06 with Pederson Cut-out c’1920.

One  U.S. Mid-Wars 1903A1 Springfield Rifle in .30-06 with pistol grip stock.

One  WWI 1903 Springfield Rifle in .30-06.   c’1918.

Two  WWII 1903-A3 Remington Rifles in .30-06.  c’1943.

f 330  One  German WWI Gew 98 Service Rifle in 7.92mm.  c’1915….Reserved

f 335  One  Winchester  64A L/A Rifle in .30-30.  c’1970.

f 344  One  Marlin 1894CB .45 Long Colt.  c’2002  looks to be unused.

One Winchester 1894 SRC  in .32-40 (Obsolete)  c’1907.

Feel free to call and enquire if anything looks interesting to you.

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