26th 2017
2 Recent Surrey Fairs & threats against shooting.

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Kempton has potential.  Time will tell.  I don’t think anybody knew that there would be section one Firearms there.


The Trafalgar under the auspices of the NRA nearly got blown away by “Brian” !  Testament  to steel framed marquees.

Still a good flow of folk who realise the value of investing in their historical firearms.  The faithful struggled through wind and rain to open their minds (and wallets) to the alter of our interest.

A Warning:  These events need to be supported; it is bad enough that the government seek to slowly erode the rights of the collector and shooter.  We do not need to let apathy, with its air of corrosive rot, to seep into the shooting community.  If the events are not supported, in what-ever guise they appear, then we have nobody to blame but ourselves – when we become the last generation of shooter/collectors.  Our leaders in Whitehall would be delighted if “Shooting” decayed into no-existence.  It would make their life much easier until, they finally realise, that within the vacuum left by their successive clampdowns, the landscape they have engineered, is populated by illegally held arms. They would then have to face the music and really start doing their proper jobs and go after said illegally held arms, capable of far worse destruction than all the legally held arms put together.  I wonder then how many of them would be queuing up for a nice cushy FEO job. Then they would be faced with the real criminal, cruel,  harsh, violent and prepared to do anything required to retain their firepower.  Not the law abiding citizen who lays down his arms literally the moment he is required to.

Once the knowledge and know how attached to the black art of gun interest disappear then all that will remain will be an extremely anaemic version of government controlled “sport.”  The irony is that the ability to use arms has supported the political class throughout history.  The politician would not have freedom of speech and the safety of institutions like Parliament if weaponry had not been there to defend and forge that peace.  The powers that be seem to completely miss that basic principal.  Millions lie dead in foreign lands.  Ordinary, everyday citizens amongst them, that have answered the call to arms when issued, that have always defended those particular governments.  In short if these arms had not been developed and men had not trained with them, then the government would not exist and I would be immediately shot for writing these words.

Stay legal and keep shooting.

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