21st 2016
British Shooting Show 2016

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For the second year in a row Sword & Musket returned to the slightly unfamiliar ground of the British Shoothing Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.

For a fur and feather show the results and interesting conversations that followed were highly encouraging.

The punters had their eyes open for a bargain and were curious enough about the prospect of worthwhile investment to spark their imagination.  The prospect of something to cherish and use as it increased in value, deffinately wetted more than a few appertite.  The urge to try something different in the gun cabinet started to take effect.

Luckily the show organisers had done enough pre-show promotion to ensure that the footfall would be high, with a wide range of interests being sought by the visitors.

Some feed-back has started to trickle this way and a gentleman has taken the trouble to send this in:


I’m Bob Jackson, we spoke on Friday late morning at the Shooting show, I know that you will have been busy over the weekend speaking to hundreds of people and hopefully sold some rifles to like minded people, I hope that you can remember us we were from Cumbria and I loved your Long Lee but I am currently on the hunt for an Arisaka 99 at the moment. Peter was looking for a No4 Mk2. I have a real hankering for older rifles as well as WW2 weapons and live firing as apposed to neutered De-activated.

I would just like to say that I could have talked for hours with you about rifles and especially their history and condition. I was well impressed with your passion for your rifles and its good to meet people passionate about what they do and sell, all too often it appears to be simply a business and a commodity. I was impressed with your honesty too many dealers use the buyer beware philosophy. You know that you are selling history and its importance……….the story is as important to me as condition.

The Accrington Pals link to the Long Lee is important and meaningful giving provenance and a picture in your minds eye of what it and its user went through.

Best regards Bob Jackson

People say the funniest things !

IMG_1259See you at Harrogate, 7th & 8th of May 2016

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